Commitment to community, commitment to customer

2012-02-19T00:00:00Z Commitment to community, commitment to customer
February 19, 2012 12:00 am

Town and Country Food Market strives to be the recognized leader in the retail grocery business by creating the best shopping experience for their customers. Founded upon the principle of providing customers with the lowest cost possible, the Town & Country business model is different than other grocery stores. Andy Raab, vice president of Town & Country says, "We introduced the warehouse format which is all about price. We buy our entire product through deals directly from the manufacturers instead of going through the middle man, we build massive displays and simply cut the cardboard of the box to offer the product inside, and we have customers bag their own groceries. This is the way we can deliver value and lower the cost of operating. It is no frills and we offer as low of a price as possible. We do the best we can to have the lowest price possible," says Raab.

Price, Value, Quality

Town & Country provides their customers with the best service, value, and variety, for the high-quality products they expect and deserve, in a clean and friendly environment. "We offer more variety than probably anyone around and we can do everything a full-service store can do except bag your groceries. Our biggest strength is variety, good name-brand products, and we have tons of inventory in the store because of our big back rooms and warehouse. We buy in from the manufacturers when they offer it on deal to us and that's how we keep our prices down. A conventional store doesn't do that. They have things on sale that are in the ad, and we have thousands of things that are on sale and we pass the savings on," says Raab.

In addition to an amazing selection of brand-name, quality products at the lowest possible price, Town & Country also offers the same full-service departments as other grocery stores. Raab says, "We have everything, from bakery, to meat, produce, and we offer catering in our deli, including cooking seafood. Our bakery cakes are made from scratch in-store for parties. We do everything any full-service grocery store would do, we just do it for less."

Commitment to Community

Town & Country Food Market demonstrates their commitment to the communities they serve by being good neighbors and by encouraging participation in activities that contribute positively to the well being of the community. Raab says, "One of the biggest things we're proud of is we're entrenched in the community. Our store managers are involved in many ways, through their memberships in groups such as the Lions Club, Rotary Club, and Chambers of Commerce, depending on which groups are around each store. We also get involved in other not-for-profit groups that need community support. Last year Town & Country's two stores gave over $200,000 to local schools through our incentive program. Customers turn their receipts in to their school and we give 5% back to that school. They really took advantage of this program in Porter County.

"We're also involved in all of the churches in our area, we just did a big food drive for the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana and donated $50,000 to them; we participated in the yellow ribbon program for military family and raised $30,000 for five weeks to send products overseas such as everyday needs, health items and non-perishable items; and we get involved in Tradewinds, Boys and Girls Clubs, high schools, baseball and softball teams, and boy and girl scouts. Our involvement might be anything as small as a pancake breakfast, or someone has trouble paying a medical bill and the bank is collecting money to support them. We really have no limitation on it and we try to help anyone we can. That's a big difference over our competition. We all live here, we all work here and we want to make sure we get involved. We are big believers that the community spends money with us so we have to give back," Raab says.

Dedication to Employees and Their Families

Town & Country Food Market is dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes opportunities for individual employee growth and development. "We have a really good group of staff with loyalty to us. Some people have been with us for many decades. That's what makes the difference is we have such good people. It's one thing to set corporate policy, it's another thing to follow it. They do what's right for the customer and what's right for the community. We've been really fortunate and they make the difference," Raab says.

Their staff is empowered to provide customers with the finest overall shopping experience, today, tomorrow and always. They realize that the success of their company will ultimately rest upon their ability to satisfy the needs and desires of their customers, employees, and the communities we serve.

Town & Country Food Market offers locations in Portage at 6046 Central Ave., store hours 6 a.m. to midnight; and in Valparaiso at 1605 Calumet Ave., store 6 a.m. to midnight.

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