Treating the Community

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February 19, 2012 12:00 am

Dr. Bethany Cataldi's Center for Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC was established in Northwest Indiana as a way to bring the region exceptional comprehensive ear, nose, and throat surgical physician services, as well as advanced facial plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. In addition to treating disorders of the ear, nose, and throat, the center also provides comprehensive evaluations and diagnostic testing for sinus and vocal cord disorders.

Bethany A. Cataldi, D.O., owner and surgeon of the Center for Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC in Munster, Indiana is committed to providing exceptional care and service in treating her patients and says that treating the whole person is critical to her high level of care. "My philosophy in treating a patient is that treatment should be directed at treating not only the disease or pathology but also any social, environmental, and familial factors that may affect the patient's care. Consequently, I spend as much time as necessary with each patient in my practice. I do not delegate any patient care or treatment to my support staff or an ancillary practitioner," says Cataldi.

This level of care means the dedication and loyalty of her patients, who spread their satisfaction to other patients through referrals. "My practice has been able to sustain in great part due to the wonderful support of my patients and the generous support of my referring physicians. I am grateful that existing patients will refer friends or family who have ear, nose, or throat or cosmetic surgery needs to me. For individuals to direct other people they know to my office with their confidence that I will provide exceptional care for their patient, family member, or friend is very moving. It motivates me to strive to do my best at every opportunity to care for a patient. The growth in the region has certainly allowed me the opportunity to be able to offer my services to more new residents in

Northwest Indiana and, more importantly, to be able to treat those individuals who require an otolaryngologist's care," Cataldi says.

The Center for Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC will continue to bring exceptional service and dedication to the community for years to come, investing in our region's economy and technology. "We would certainly like to continue our growth and development, and I believe that growth accompanies exceptional patient care. So I plan on continuing on a path of delivering the best care that I can for my patients. Of course I will continue to integrate new technologies and techniques into my practice as they become available. However, how I treat my patients has not changed nor will it change simply because my practice has a larger patient base. I will always adhere to my long-standing principle that a patient's condition and illness will determine how I will treat that individual and how much of my time will be dedicated to that treatment. The health and well being of each and every one of my patients is paramount, and I will devote as much time as necessary to treat each of my patients regardless of how many might be scheduled on a given day. Moreover, each patient should be assured they will be seen and diagnosed by me," says Dr. Cataldi.

But economic times are tough, and Cataldi says that she has witnessed its impact on individuals and families in Northwest Indiana. Her practice has seen a notable increase in the incidences of sinus diseases and of vocal cord and throat cancers that is attributable to patients' heavy use of tobacco possibly due in part to the stresses brought about by the economy. Additionally, Dr. Cataldi warns others not to follow in the same path as some of her patients who come to her too late. She notes that there has been an increase in the number of patients with serious disorders of the ears, nose, or throat who have waited to see her or another physician, and in doing so have put themselves further at risk by delaying necessary diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, these patients who have chosen to wait in getting treatment frequently require more serious and oftentimes more invasive surgical procedures that might have been prevented had they been diagnosed and treated sooner. "It is critical that individuals with persistent coughing and/or hoarseness in their throat, or are experiencing sinus pain or having difficulty breathing or sleeping should consider being evaluated by an otolaryngologist. I advise my patients that prevention is a cornerstone to healthy living and that prevention includes seeing the proper physician at the first sign of trouble," Dr. Cataldi says.

Such a comprehensive approach to patient care also applies to the facial plastic surgery component of her practice as well. As a female facial, head & neck plastic surgeon, Dr. Cataldi is especially in tune with the issues of beauty and aesthetics from a decidedly feminine perspective that is frequently requested by her patients.

"Aesthetically speaking, I believe that a female surgeon will have a different perspective about cosmetic surgery that she can impart to her patients- a perspective that is genuinely "feminine and natural." For example with my patients, I take the time to assess their skin texture and how they would wear their hair and makeup, and address the features that the individual should highlight or minimize based on a woman's aesthetic perspective. As a female facial plastic surgeon, I understand that most patients want to still look like themselves, but only better. As a woman, I am confident that I can provide my patients with a uniquely feminine perspective. My experience has shown that an honest "one-to-one" approach with patients is best when it comes to cosmetic procedures, and it is clearly evident in the results," says Dr. Cataldi.

It is with a dedication to helping these individuals and all others in need that

Cataldi has focused her life upon the provision of her expert care. "I am committed to providing my services to the communities of Northwest Indiana to ensure that its residents are as healthy as possible. Consequently, my office provides ear, nose, and throat care to persons with AND without health insurance. I am aware of the issues faced by individuals and families without health insurance, and my office will try to work with patients to develop a mutually agreeable plan so that I am able to provide them with the care they will require. I am of the firm belief that a healthier patient equals a healthier Northwest Indiana, and as a surgeon in the specialty of Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery, I'd like to do my part to see that a healthy Northwest Indiana continues on its path of growth and progress for the years ahead. As a matter of fact, it's my privilege to do so," she says.

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