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Jason Fochtman, The Courier

Briar Ridge

Ladies 9 Hole, Aug. 15

Class A

Low Gross: Jan Lanting. Low Net: Judy Mateja. Low Putts: Michelle Bouwer. Event: Doris Bagull.

Class B

Low Gross: Sara Uppuluri. Low Net: Irene McLain. Low Putts: Jan Heaney. Event: Mary DeBoer.

Class C

Low Gross: Lyn Anderson. Low Net: Gwen Molenaar. Event: Rita Herakovich.

Class D

Low Gross: Rebecca Adlaka. Low Net: Jean Boyle, MaryLou Mybeck. Low Putts: Barb Cataldi. Event: Liz Valavanis.

Thursday Ladies 18 Hole

Class A

Low Gross: Jan Lanting. Low Net: Doris Bagull. Event: Sunny Paik.

Class B

Low Gross: Corinne Beavers. Low Net: Liz Paulsen. Event: Allison Pellar, Kannika Thaera.

Class C

Low Gross: Chungsil Cha. Low Net: Linda Toth. Event: Mary DeBoer.

Class D

Low Gross: Lyn Anderson. Low Net: Rita Herakovich. Event: Darlene Dobis. Chip-In: Darlene Dobis (2).


Thursday Night Men's League

Division 1

Skins: Blake Doctor, Phil Bean, Mike Berkley. Closest to Pin: Craig Murrian, Mike Berkley.

Division 2

Skins: Frank Poriso. Closest to Pin: Dave Thomas, Tyler Kopak.

Friday Nite Couples

Standings: 1. Glenn and Grace Vandersteeg, 2. Wendell and Jacquie Leith, 3. Charlie and Marti Hobbs, Dale and Bonnie Koebeke. Chip-Ins: Rick Speichert and Tracy Schnalm. Closest to Pin:Dale Koebeke, Bonnie Koebeke. Longest Putt: Charlie and Marti  Hobbs. Low Net: 31 — Glenn and Grace Vandersteeg, George and Bonnie Lehnerer, Rich and Sue Belcher; 32 — Charlie and Marti Hobbs; 35 — Terry and Jan Skertich. Low Putts: 12 — Rich and Sue Belcher, Charlie and Marti Hobbs; 14 — Ron and Laurie Derybowski; 15 — Terry and Jan Skertich, George and Bonnie Lehnerer.

Monday Morning Skins and Pins

Skins: Med Matlock, Bill Walligora, Roy Bierman, Al Lockwood, Bob Magnant. Closest to Pin: Med Matlock, Al Lockwood, Chuck Spanburg, Bob Magnant.

Sandy Pines

Pepsi/Illiana Tour

1st Place: Dan Rodgers, John Furlong, Jason Nardi, Justin Harty.

2nd Place: Phil Worley, Keith Hitzeman, John Mallay.

3rd Place: Jeff DeArmond, Gary Drutis, Dave Walla, Ed Furfaro.

High Net Quota Bonus: Jeff DeArmond, Justin Harty.

$5 Skin Game: John Michaels (hole 9)

$10 Skin Game: John Michaels (hole 9)

Closest to Pin: Tony Pena (hole 3), Keith Hitzeman (hole 8), Royce Hebbard (hole 13), Mark Misch (hole 17).


Thursday A.M. Ladies 9 Hole

A Flight

Low Gross, Low Net: Kathy Gonzalez. Event (tie): Lynn Bailey, Nancy Kubiak.

B Flight

Low Gross: Shirley Robertson. Low Net (tie): Nikki Miklusak, Shirley Robertson. Event: Marie Smith.

Ladies 18 Holers

A Flight

Low Gross, Low Net, Event: Holly Miller.

B Flight

Low Gross, Low Net, Event: Patti Keilman.

C Flight

Low Gross, Low Net, Event: Connie Gonzales.

Birdies: Debbie Coccia. Chip-Ins: Betty Messmann, Maggie Smith.


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