HILLARY SMITH: New league uses 'sports' loosely

2012-12-09T20:30:00Z HILLARY SMITH: New league uses 'sports' looselyHillary Smith Times Columnist nwitimes.com
December 09, 2012 8:30 pm  • 

A new sports league is forming in Chicago, and, ladies, here’s your chance to be a part.

Well, the term “sports” is used loosely.

Based on information provided to the media, players for this new team will be selected on the following criteria: athleticism, attitude, leadership, skill, personality and looks.

Thornwood grad Korie Kellogg, the ex-wife of the NBA’s Eddy Curry, is the player/owner of the Chicago Crave, a team in the upstart Bikini Basketball League.

That’s where the idea of this being a “sport” comes into question. The Bikini Basketball League doesn’t appear to be anything more than lurid entertainment.

The league’s website — which hasn’t officially launched and won’t for another 27 days — will proclaim that “the league is for Sexy Athletic Ladies from around the world” with teams in eight locations including Miami, New York, Hollywood, Orlando, L.A., Minnesota, Atlanta and the latest in Chicago.

Before anyone begins railing against the uniforms worn by beach volleyball players, keep in mind that even the players themselves have explained that the sports bras and shorts are designed to keep the sand out from under the elastic bands. When the weather grew cold in London this summer during Olympic night games, players quickly turned to long-sleeved uniform tops, again for comfort and function, not fashion.

There is nothing comfortable, nor functional about playing basketball in a bikini.

In an interview with Elliott Harris posted on his website and YouTube, Kellogg explained what anyone hoping to be a member of the Chicago Crave needs to bring to the Dec. 16 tryout in Orland Park.

“Bring your talent and your good looks,” Kellogg said.

She followed up the explanation of the selection process with this: “When I was coming up, I was raised by my father, he always taught me that brains, beauty and talent was a lethal combination, and I was always raised in my household that I embodied those characteristics. So when these girls try out, that’s what I want to see. I don’t want to see someone that’s just really good at basketball. I want to see leadership, positive attitudes, skills. I want to see that they are helping out everybody and doing everything that’s asked of them.”

When did being good at sports stop being a qualification for being an athlete? Yes, having leaders on a team is always necessary, but so is having a couple of followers with a jump shot.

I feel bad for Kellogg, who appears willing to work hard to make the league work, because the league can’t be anything more than a joke.

Which is disappointing to any woman who grew up playing basketball because she loved the game.

There is nothing about sports in the Bikini Basketball League.

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