STEVE HANLON: Baby, it's cold outside

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January 09, 2014 9:30 pm  • 

HAMMOND | Ice, ice baby. Ice, ice baby.

No, Vanilla Ice was not at Bishop Noll on Thursday night. But he and his family were all over the streets, yards and sidewalks. If you still believe in global warming, I have a lot in Florida for sale.

And it's an ice rink right now.

Surely some suggested Bishop Noll's boys basketball game against Wheeler was done for one reason: to get Larry Crisler's one-game suspension over with before tonight's huge GSSC game at Marquette.

Seems logical. But two plus two can sometimes equal five.

Warriors coach Josh Belluomini contended something else.

“We've only played six games,” Belluomini said on Wednesday. “We have to start getting these games in.”

I would not want to be an athletic director right now. Mother Nature has been tough. Snow. Ice. Cancellation after cancellation.

The Noll-Wheeler game was originally scheduled to be played Tuesday. It never happened. Wind chills below Def Com 4 were the reason.

So did playing on Thursday help the Warriors in their goal to win another GSSC title?

“Yeah, in a way,” Crisler said of getting to play Marquette tonight. “We're the best two teams in the conference. They're trying to take it from us and we're trying to keep it.”

Crisler got a one-game suspension Saturday in Indianapolis where Noll lost to Brebeuf, 75-64. In a scuffle under the hoop a Braves player had his legs wrapped around Crisler, an Indiana baseball recruit. Crisler said the foe would not let him get up. So he kicked the legs of the opponent away. When he got up the official tossed him from the game.

Belluomini said he was frustrated with a lot of things, including Brebeuf shooting 25 free throws to Noll's 12. He said his program is looking for another place to play next season.

Several region teams got the short end of the stick at the charity stripe in Indianapolis of late. Games will be harder to schedule if this disparity continues.

Crisler is a standout player. He battles strong with passion and emotion. In all the games I've seen him play through the years I've never seen him take a cheap shot against anyone.

But I've never seen him back down from anyone either. It's a tough personality to have and many in our area have had that for years.

Crisler is smart, too. He's learned from his error.

“I have to keep my composure,” he said. “I have a better goal than that.”

Some Wheeler fans were saying the Bearcats were forced to play on Thursday night. You hear a lot of things in a concession stand line.

Belluomini said it was a mutual decision by both schools.

And it sets up a great game in Michigan City tonight, and both teams will have their best players on the court. That's a win-win.

Game on.

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