STEVE HANLON: I hate social media, I think

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September 05, 2013 7:00 pm  • 

I've seen this about 50 times. An exciting basketball game ends. Team showers. They come out of the locker room not saying a word. Twelve phones are in front of each face.

No one speaks or looks at another human. The first hoopster is likely texting the person three headphones behind in line.

The new world scares me. It is not understandable.

Facebook was me reading "War and Peace" back in the '80s. Face in book asleep after two pages. I was asked to Tweet by my bosses and I do. But a year after starting, I found out Wednesday someone could "Tweet" me.

Before that a Tweet was something my sister did when she sneezed.

Hotlist was a menu at a good pizza place. Lifeknot was trying to get everything done in a day. Mylife was what I did when the computer was shut off.

And blogging was what guys in flannel shirts did in Canada.

If I want to talk to someone, I call them or drive over to their trailer. Communication is better eye-to-eye and when you don't have 140 characters to say what you want.

"I Tweet therefore I am" can be found at @SteveHanlon3.

Then, I spoke with Munster junior basketball player Jordan Cole. This social media thing has worked out well for her. She was selected to take part in USA Today's Breakfast Buzz.

She was the only prep athlete in Wednesday's edition. You can read here answers to the questions at

Or you can just Google it. I know what that is.

"I was following it online," Cole said. "Every day, they put a new athlete from all around the country. They were mostly seniors. No juniors or people from Indiana."

So she asked her mother and permission was granted, In June, the questionnaire was filled out. The Coles found out earlier this week she would be the featured athlete in America for a day.

"It was very cool," Cole said. "I got my name out there. If college coaches search me this will pop up. I was able to have fun and get my name out there.

"I really want to play college ball."

OK, I do not care what some guy in Montana tweets about what he had for breakfast. Or what some lady in New Jersey tweets about the Gucci jeans just purchased.

About 95 percent of tweets I've read are pointless and a waste of time. But there is some value to this Social Media stuff. Since I work in the media, maybe I need to get more social?

Cole's responses were funny and interesting. I hope she gets the college scholarship she's worked for.

And now that I finally know I can Tweet somebody, my world has opened up. There is light at the end of this tunnel. Let's hope it's not a freight train.

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