Marquette Catholic freshman Teresa Dorado

Marquette Catholic freshman Teresa Dorado is averaging 37.5 per nine holes this season.


Preciso golfista.

That’s what Marquette Catholic freshman Teresa Dorado is in her native language in the words of her coach: accurate golfer.

“There is a huge difference between playing golf and being a golfer,” Blazers’ head coach Jordan Gallas said. “Teresa Dorado is a golfer.”

You’ll have to excuse Gallas for being enthusiastic about Dorado’s arrival at Marquette as a student in the International Exchange Program from St. Paul School in Barcelona, Spain.

Many years have been a challenge for him to field a full roster. Not only isn’t that a problem this season, but Dorado’s arrival provides a skilled golfista (golfer) who can help the rest of the team.

“She provides an immediate impact to our team, not only on the scoreboard but daily in practice,” Gallas said. “Her focus, attention to detail, and the way she carries herself on the course gives her teammates a blueprint to follow. She leads by example and has been a very welcome addition. She brings another level to the program.”

Dorado comes to Marquette a year after her sister, Ines, attended last year for a month to see if she enjoyed going to school in America. Obviously, Ines’ experience was good, so Teresa enrolled, too.

“This journey to America has been amazing, and I think it will help in the future,” Dorado said. “I have met a lot of people and it’s a great experience.”

Dorado began playing golf when she was 5 years old in Spain and got hooked right away.

“I love to play because it is relaxing,” she said. “I started because of my father (Alfonso), who loves golf and always wanted me to play.”

And she knows what she’s doing. So far in limited play, Dorado is averaging 37.5 per nine holes, including a 38 Monday against South Bend Clay at Elbel Golf Course. Her first 18-hole tourney was recently at the New Prairie Invitational at Legacy Hills. She shot an 84.

“She is the real deal,” Gallas said. “Her biggest strength is her overall accuracy. She could play all season with the same ball. She hits it plenty far for her age and is very crafty around the green. She has lots of confidence at such a young age.”

Since her primary language is Spanish, communication could be a fear for a coach. Gallas says it’s been fairly easy.

“She understands what I’m talking about because of her familiarity with the game,” he said. “She’s been very well-coached and she listens when she needs to. I don’t try to over complicate things. Golf is hard enough.”

Not only does Dorado know more about the sport than the average high school golfer, but she also doesn’t let much get to her on the course because she strives to have fun.

“I try not to get nervous and don’t blame anything or anyone if I don’t have a good day,” she said. “I try to train a lot and keep calm.”

Words to live by for any golfista at any level.