Northwest Indiana National Adult Baseball Association


American League

Sept. 9


Angels 9, Red Sox 2

Yankees 9, Tigers 8

National League

Sept. 9


Cubs 12, Diamondbacks 2

Rockies 12, Phillies 8

American League

Sept. 10


Blue Jays 14, Yankees 4

Astros 6, Angels 5

National League

Sept. 10


Dodgers 11, Rockies 1

Pirates 7, Cubs 5

Elimination Games

Sept. 16

Yankees 13, Red Sox 5

Angels 11, Tigers 4

Cubs 7, Phillies 0

Rockies 14, Diamondbacks 3

Sept. 17

Blue Jays 10, Astros 2

Angels 7, Yankees 2

Dodgers 4, Pirates 1

Cubs 4, Rockies 3

(Yankees and Rockies eliminated)

Elimination Games


Angels vs Astros at Central Park, Dyer, late

Cubs vs Pirates at Lakeshore Babe Ruth, Robertsdale, late


TBA vs Blue Jays at Central Park, Dyer, 10 a.m.

Same teams at 1 p.m., if necessary

TBA vs. Dodgers at Lakeshore Babe Ruth, Robertsdale, 10 a.m.

Same teams at 1 p.m., if necessary


Sept. 16 Results

Community Bridge Club


Peggy Kiernan and Hilda Connor 1.31

Joe Chin and Jim O'Connell 0.92

Dave Watkins and Judy Selund 0.69

Pat Mikuta and Mary Kocevar 0.63


Al Simmons and Ruth Westberg 2.63

Yuan Hsu and Trudi McKamey 1.97

Lou Nimnicht and Barbara Graegin 1.48

George Roeper and Indra Gupta 0.92

Martha Harris and Alan Yngve 0.84

Anna Urick and Anna Urosevich 0.39

Monday's Results

Calumet Bridge Club


Bob Porter and Trudi McKamey 1.97

Sandy Yeiser and Celia-Ann Toll 1.35

George Roeper and Joe Chin 0.88

Don Valiska and Carol Osgerby 0.61

Jim Lively and Jane Krueger 0.57

Yuan Hsu and Pat Mikuta 0.45


Bob and Joan Butz 3.50

Jim Angell and Indra Gupta 2.63

Lou Nimnicht and Steve Watson 1.48

Charlotte Abernethy and Gale Osgerby 1.01

Alan Filler and Jim Fill 0.77

Zafar Khan and Mike Devine 0.76

Daryl Fraley and Alta Allen 0.36

Bill Kilbride and Anna Urick 0.29

Tuesday's Results

Beach Bridge Club

Lou Nimnicht and Dan Spain 2.33

Wayne Carpenter and Laverne Niksch 1.75

Jim Angell and Steve Watson 1.31

Dave Bigler and Alan Yngve 0.98

Chuck Briggs and Dave Watkins 0.96

Barbara Walczak and Yuan Hsu 0.72

Mary Kocevar and Lynn Bayman 0.50

Duneland Bridge Club

Chuck and Marcy Tomes 2.19

Helen Boothe and Alan Yngve 1.64

Karen and John Fieldhouse 1.23

Terry Bauer and Dorothy Hart 0.92

Jim and Marcia Carson 0.59

Wednesday's Results

Community Bridge Club

Dave Watkins, Chuck Briggs, Dan and Donna Simon 2.68

Joe Chin, Barbara Graegin, Tom Hallum and Jim O'Connell 2.01

Ed d'Ouville, Barbara Walczak, Mary Schumm and Jerry Palm 1.51

Lou Nimnicht, Steve Watson, Dan Spain and Norm Szewczyk 1.13

George Roeper, Indra Gupta, Ruth Goodpasture and Lynne Kostopoulos 1.08

Wolfgang Wostl, Betty Steffek, Terry Bauer and Carol Ann Heinrich 0.84

Anna Urick, Charlotte Abernethy, Peggy Kiernan and Esther Walenga 0.84

Jim Angell, Yuan Hsu, Laverne Niksch and Wayne Carpenter 0.81

Jackie Chavez, Anna Urosevich, Shirley Koch and Jan Merrick 0.38

Carol and Gale Osgerby and Don and Pat Valiska 0.19

Hilda Connor, Carolyn Potasnik, Norma Vierk and Marilyn Ginzel 0.19

Cathy Mason, Anne Murphy, Barbara Stroud and Helen Miller 0.19

Valparaiso Bridge Club

Lynn Bayman and Chuck Tomes 2.33

Sue and Tom Clouser 1.75

Ed Hollander and Joe Mihalov 1.31

Don and Alice Giedemann 0.98