Sept. 9 Results

Community Bridge Club


Ruth Westberg and Al Simmons 2.77

John and Marilyn Ginzel 1.75

Dave Bigler and Jennie Alsobrooks 1.31

Arleen Bakota and Carol Ann Heinrich 0.80


Chris and Sara Grande 2.08

Barbara Graegin and Jim O'Connell 1.56

Yuan Hsu and Barbara Walczak 0.98

Lou Nimnicht and Dan Spain 0.70

Barbara Stroud and Mary Kocevar 0.60

Pat and Fred Princehorn 0.38

Monday's Results

Calumet Bridge Club


Yuan Hsu and Jim Angell 2.30

Joe Chin and Steve Watson 1.72

Ruth Westberg and Al Simmons 1.29

Jim Lively and Jane Krueger 1.21

Peggy Kiernan and Hilda Connor 0.68

Carol Miller and Barbara Lawson 0.57

Anne Murphy and Helen Miller 0.51


Charlotte Abernethy and Anna Urick 3.06

Carolyn Potasnik and Connie Stevens 1.07

Alan Filler and Jim Fill 0.77

Mike Devine and Indra Gupta 0.54

Tuesday's Results

Beach Bridge Club

John Teshima and Jim O'Connell 2.19

Laverne Niksch and Wayne Carpenter 1.64

Dave Watkins and Chuck Briggs 1.23

Alan Yngve and Mike Brissette 0.92

Duneland Bridge Club

Mary Kocevar and Lynn Bayman 1.00

Marcy and Chuck Tomes 0.70

Jim Lane and Dee Van Bebber 0.50

Jim and Marcia Carson 0.39

Barbara Lawson and Carol Miller 0.24

Rich and Sally Will 0.24

Wednesday's Results

Community Bridge Club

Pat Mikuta and Bob Porter 2.04

Jim Angell and Indra Gupta 2.04

Barbara Graegin and George Roeper 1.31

Lou Nimnicht and Steve Watson 0.98

Dave Bigler and Wayne Carpenter 0.80

Anna Urick and Daryl Fraley 0.78

Valparaiso Bridge Club

Hank Cecil and Charlie Halberstadt 1.30

Lynn Bayman and Chuck Tomes 0.91

Fred Green and Don Giedemann 0.65

Karen and John Fieldhouse 0.46

Anna Robbins and Ric Friedman 0.27