Marriage licenses

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2002-09-03T00:00:00Z Marriage licenses
September 03, 2002 12:00 am

John Klen, St. John, and Rhonda Redman, St. John

William Smith, Gary, and Miyako Oglesby, Gary

Michael Pratscher, Hobart, and Laura Wojtowicz, Merrillville

Robert Nolan, Crown Point, and Diane Castady, Griffith

Franco Flores, Griffith, and Jaclyn Estrada, Highland

Carl Jemenko, Merrillville, and Annette Crowley, Merrillville

Ronald Pitts, Merrillville, and Daryl Morrow, Merrillville

Henry Paz, Munster, and Janice Marcinek, Hammond

Clifton Arwood Jr., Crown Point, and Michelle Nowacki, Crown Point

Anthony Arens, Munster, and Gail Tengstrand, Lansing

Eric Gray, Highland, and Gloria Cuban, Munster

Eddis Clark, East Chicago, and Sharon Emery, Hammond

Marion Hunter, Gary, and Kelshanna Aaron, Gary

Michael Marchese, St. John, and Debora Knapp, St. John

James Mathews, Gary, and Tammy White, Gary

Michael Brechbill, Lake Station, and Erika Livovich, Lake Station

Alfred Rutherford, Hammond, and Veronica Nelson, Hammond

Ali Fara, Munster, and Nicole Kirrek, Munster

Thomas Kinsfather, Phoenix, Ariz., and Elizabeth Corder, Hobart

Michael Haviland, Lowell, and Laverne Smith, Crown Point

Robert Komes, Crown Point, and Vicki Marrs, Crown Point

George Pettigrew, Merrillville, and Annette Silkwood, Merrillville

Anthony Bumgarner, Lockport, Ill., and Margaret Sucec, East Chicago

Brian Nowinski, Crown Point, and Tricia Rutkiewicz, Munster

Robert Ganz, St. John, and Suzette Lopez, St. John

Derrick Burnett, Gary, and Torry Ivey, Gary

Keith Jordan, Gary, and Crystal Boykin, Gary

Kenneth Stone Jr., Matteson, Ill., and Lurlean Peeples, Hammond

M.C. Jones, Gary, and Marsha Thurman, Gary

Vaughn Story, Gary, and Veveca Robinson, Gary

Paul Arteaga, Chicago, and Barbara Hale, Hammond

William Weidenaar, Highland, and Deanna Gannon, Highland

Christopher Dunham, Lafayette, Ind., and Katherine Weber, Crown Point

Dwayne Robertson, Hammond, and Latasha Dean, Hammond

Donald Shapiro, Hammond, and Deborah Blackmore, Hammond

Auntrae Boyd, Milwaukee, Wisc., and Letonia Williams, Gary

Wilhelm Klarer, Chicago, and Rachael Badeusz, Dyer

Albert Johnson, Gary, and Dorothy James, Gary

Glenn Bobbitt, Gary, and Geraldine Counce, Gary

Brad Lindow, Horican, Wisc., and Irene Kowalczyk, Oak Lawn, Ill.

Joseph Porrey, Plainfield, Ill., and Donna Gilmore, Plainfield

Eric Nielsen, Milwaukee, Wisc., and Jennifer Pasko, Milwaukee

Thomas Harris Jr., Gary, and Kimberly Rucker, Gary

Sergio Graciano, Hammond, and Tina Richardson, Hammond

Bogdan Uzelac, Highland, and Rankica Varinac, Crown Point

Christopher Dhaemers, Hobart, and Tara Cain, Hobart

Benedict Anekwe, Merillville, and Beatrice Okeke, Nigeria

F. Scott Kieckle, Crown Point, and Betty Lipton, Crown Point

Michael Wasiak, Dyer, and Amanda Pavlick, Dyer

Rodolfo Marquez, Crown Point, and Sylvia Guajardo, East Chicago

Roger Cato, Matteson, Ill., and Tasha Tucker, Hammond

Nathaniel Harris, Crown Point, and Carol Smith, Crown Point

Rick Frazier, Hammond, and Autumn Sauceda, Hammond

Christopher Maurer, Valdosta, Ga., and Martha Hocutt, Valdosta

Darnell Gist, Hammond, and Mahogany Pearson, Hammond

Maurice Barfield, Gary, and La Sharn Matthews, Gary

Christopher Netherton, Crown Point, and Gina Trapane, Crown Point

Jeffrey Milligan, South Bend, and Georgette Benjamin, Gary

Brian Thompson, Hammond, and Michel Thompson, Hammond

Rodney Bolden, Huntsville, Ala., and Cordia Simpson, Gary

Gregory Condes, Whiting, and Bonnie Howell, Calumet City

Kristopher Wool, Crown Point, and Kelly Stiglitz, Crown Point

Cristian Pena, Mission, Texas, and Genoveva Alanis, East Chicago

Carmen Monchilovich, Hobart, and Dorean Logue, Hobart

Timothy Eilers, Cedar Lake, and Jacquelynn Ward, Cedar Lake

Shawn Van, Phoenix, Ill., and Sharon Pugh, Phoenix

William Taddei, Portage, and Deanna Bowen, Lake Station

David McCaskill, Crown Point, and Melissa Campbell, Crown Point

Keith Hamilton Jr., Gary, and La Melia Lucas, Merrillville

Hector Navarro, Crown Point, and Michelle Acevedo, East Chicago

Michael Wieser, Dyer, and Heather Strains, Hammond

Jerry Qualizza, Hobart, and Dolores Rosenquist, Crown Point

Isais Rivera Jr., Hammond, and Angela Higgason, Whiting

Austin McCurdy, Merrillville, and Stacie Rouco, Gary

Anthony DeBerry, Gary, and Charla Ford, Hermitage, Tenn.

Robert Lewis, Hammond, and Tina Cazee, Hammond

Russell Stephens Jr., Chicago, and Tamara Maxwell, East Chicago

Robert Slaven, Hammond, and Jacquelyn Brezinski, Hammond

Joseph Kobak, Gary, and Sheila Short, Gary

Michael Malkimo, Hammond, and Evita Blondet, Merrillville

David Rodriguez, East Chicago, and Caroline Paredes, Griffith

Kenneth Bood, Hobart, and Abby MacMullin, Crown Point

Michael Coughlin, Merrillville, and Michelle Braden, Merrillville

Edward Summers, Crystal Lake, Ill., and Kesa McCowan, Crystal Lake

Charles Montgomery, Gary, and Latawnya Armand, Gary

Eddie Baker, Merrillville, and Lisa Franklin, Merrillville

Troy Slavings, Lowell, and Michele Kressen, Morocco

Brian Stevens, Hammond, and Jennifer King, Hammond

Richard Bittke, Gary, and Jessica Viehman, Gary

Mark Johnson, Augusta, Me., and Christine Whitt, Highland

Deremer Rouser, Alcoa, Tenn., and Kathy Smith, Alcoa

Michael Hawkins, Highland, and Angelica Antonucci, Midlothian, Ill.

Ricardo Prince, Hammond, and Carolina Rubalcava, East Chicago

Shane Ammons, Lowell, and Sarah Keilman, Lowell

Ted Miles, Gary, and Martha Bennett, Gary

Mark Swinford, Granger, Ind., and Bridget Hagerman, Crown Point

Jeremy Koth, Hammond, and Nichole Gerstenberg, Hammond

Ryan Schneider, St. John, and Jill Kissee, Highland

Marlon Snead, East Chicago, and Gevie Ruffin, East Chicago

Jack Dusseau, Crown Point, and Jori Greco, Crown Point

Keith Beitler, Calumet City, and Jaime Jablonski, Munster

George Caddick, Cedar Lake, and Jennifer Harwood, Cedar Lake

Michael WIlliams, Gary, and Kimberlyn Cotton, Hammond

Osei Asabere, Merrillville, and Lydia Ameyaw, Chicago

Ernest Leicht III, Dyer, and Sally Wesolowski, St. John

Jose Hernandez, Merrillville, and Eloise Lomas, Merrillville

Roberto Febus, East Chicago, and Carmen Serrano, East Chicago

Kenneth Koenemann, Griffith, and Karen Johnson, Griffith

Richard Kubic, Highland, and Catherine Marlour, Highland

Matthew Law, Whiting, and Wendy Jamka, Hammond

Oleg Shaykhutdinov, Moscow, Russia, and Nora Stephens, Munster

Darren Bond, Gary, and Juanita Marmon, Gary

Bobbie Crowder Jr., Gary, and Ausra Pivoriene, Chicago

Patrick Feeney, Hammond, and Jennifer Nielsen, Schererville

William Willis Sr., Gary, and T Shawn Winters, Gary

Jack Wooten, Chicago, and Nancy Jimenez, Gary

Carlos Mora Jr., Duluth, Ga., and Sylwia Sitarek, Crown Point

Mohammad Alkaki, Whiting, and Ilesenia Serrano, Lansing

Wesley Davis, Gary, and Shannon Johnson, Gary

Paul Hahn, Crown Point, and Harumi Terabayashi, Chicago

Jose Colon, St. Charles, Mo., and Irma Andino, St. Charles

Adam Kazragys, Whiting, and Patricia York, Whiting

Genaro Santos, Lowell, and Amber Wuske, Lowell

Matthew Goldasic, Highland, and Louise Rosenbaum, Highland

Wilfredo Labrador Jr., Gary, and Victoria James, Gary

Rafael Casas Jr., East Chicago, and Rosalinda Leon, East Chicago

Fred Cruciani, St. John, and Laura Mills, St. John

Tracy Garrett, Shelby, and Misty Holman, Shelby

Anthony Garcia, Merrillville, and Tammy Mortimer, Merrillville

Gerard Calhoun, Gary, and Charisse Dennis, Gary

David Yacobozzi, Lake Station, and Jean McDaniel, Calumet City

Ernest Watson Jr., Gary, and Roselyn Bonds, Gary

Charles Collins, Crown Point, and Jenny Leighty, Broomfield, Colo.

Kurt Lash, Crown Point, and Candice Sabol, Crown Point

David Dalton, Temperance, Mich., and Sheri Nocito, Schererville

Patrick Monroe, St. John, and Petrina Wilinski, Hammond

Thomas Sanders, Crown Point, and Melissa Novath, Frankton, Ill.

Jesus Ramirez, East Chicago, and Dianne Nunez, East Chicago

Ali Zayed, Hoffman Estates, Ill., and Ronda Jeremiah, Hobart

Jeremy Charnetzky, Lake Station, and Wendy Charnetzky, Lake Station

Henry Rodriguez Jr., Calumet City, and Evelyn Medina, East Chicago

Eddie Dempsey, Lowell, and Kimberly Howard, Gary

Jason Peters, Schererville, and Amy Smth, Schererville

Juan Martinez, East Chicago, and Laura Torres, East Chicago

Edward Garreffa, Whiting, and Caroline Golub, Hammond

Warren Storm, Gary, and Jary Highfill, Crown Point

Leon Addison, Hammond, and Nichole Adams, Gary

Germaul Northern, Gary, and Danielle Colon, Gary

Gregory Malenshek, Hobart, and Heather Sutherland, Hobart

Theodore Fetsch, Lowell, and Susan Carter, Cedar Lake

Ronald Schaefer Jr., Momence, Ill., and Kimberly Rauch, Beecher

Carlos Gonzalez, Hobart, and Maria Charneco, Hobart

Michael Slavena, Highland, and Amy Shackleton, Dyer

Daniel Nieman, Merrillville, and Kristin Nestorovich, Merrillville

Todd Mahan, Hobart, and Jennifer Shook, Lowell

Dierre Kelly, East Chicago, and Dana Lillie, Gary

Alan Down, Crown Point, and Patricia Goodwin, Crown Point

John Foy, Hebron, and Lori Booker, Lowell

Michael Rivera, Merrillville, and Victoria Burdett, Merrillville

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