Matter of record. Local births

1993-06-07T00:00:00Z Matter of record. Local births
June 07, 1993 12:00 am


Thomas and Deborah Doe, Burnham, girl; Joseph and Amie Stariha, Burnham,

girl; Dragan and Gorica Suvocesmakovic, Chicago, girl; Joseph and Debra

Starcevich, Lansing, girl; Mark and Diane Emanuelson, Lansing, boy; Joaquin and

Karen Hernandez, Lynwood, boy; Barry and Mary Warner, South Holland, girl;

Sophie Neyhart, Crown Point, boy; Russell and Wendy Peterson, Dyer, boy; Mark

and Kathleen Small, Dyer, girl; Michael and Paula Joseph, Dyer, boy; Isaac

Maldonado and Lupe Hernandez, East Chicago, girl;

Desirae Risner, East Chicago, boy; Genaro and Elizabeth Macias, East

Chicago, boy; Bernardo and Karen Velasquez, East Chicago, girl; Janice

Washington, East Chicago, boy; Ikela Vaughn, East Chicago, boy; Yousef and Neda

Musleh, Griffith, boy; George and Bertha Kisfalusi, Griffith, boy; David and

Drenda Thomas, Griffith, boy; Jonathon and Stacy Mills, Griffith, boy; Richard

and Renee Eagan, Hammond, girl; Steven Mack and Anamaria Fry, Hammond, girl;

Donald and Janice Hoover, Highland, boy; Craig and Patricia Tinklenberg,

Highland, boy; Sean Hernandez and Sherri Onjack, Schererville, girl; Jeffrey

and Jean Brandt, Schererville, girl; Maxmilian and Irena Popovich, Valparaiso,

girl; Barry and Susan Feldner, Valparaiso, girl; Anthony and Dee Swigon,

Valparaiso, boy; Richard and Bernadette Dingman, Whiting, boy; Nita Danko,

Whiting, boy.


Sylvia and Richard Hodge Jr., Calumet City, boy; Judy and Moreno Panozzo,

South Holland, girl; Lisa and Richard Johnston, Hammond, boy; Kim and Bryan

Wagner, South Holland, girl; Sheryl and Donald Harkins, boy; Patricia and Perry

Cundari, Crete, boy; Beth and Jeff Stritar, Homewood, boy.

Methodist Northlake

Beverly Fox, East Chicago, boy; Anthony Monroe and Tyra Taylor, East

Chicago, boy; Johnny and Nancy Gomez, Hammond, boy; Juan and Jo Gutierrez,

Hobart, boy; Jon and Jennifer Mock, Hobart, girl; Donald and Annette White,

Merrillville, boy.

Methodist Southlake

John and Dana Ginn, Crown Point, girl; Ronald and Tammy Young, Hobart, boy;

George and Maria Leventis, Merrillville, girl; Michael and Jill Gutierrez,

Merrillville, girl; James and Jenella Warrick, Hobart, boy; Gregory and Julia

Nichols, Merrillville, boy;

Edward and Renee Pena, Hobart, girl; Tina Flynn, Merrillville, girl; Lisa

Flowers, Hobart, boy; Cisar and Cindy Neira, DeMotte, boy; Blake and Tori

Larson, Hobart, boy; Jeffrey and Becky Bowen, Crown Point, girl; Julie Monek,

Merrillville, girl; Ricardo and Diana Gomez, Valparaiso, boy; Peter and Anne

Cappas, Munster, girl.

St. Catherine

Roberto and Maria Garcia, East Chicago, girl; Brian Young and Jo Lynn

Kozlowski, Crown Point, girl; Tracey and Yvette Gillis, East Chicago, boy;

Robert and Alejandra Lopez, East Chicago, boy; K. and Chanta Culver,

Merrillville, boy; Pedro and Maria Solorzano, Hammond, boy; Kimiya Caraballo,

East Chicago, girl.

Jose Santiago Jr. and Marilyn Quiles, East Chicago, girl; Vincent Ruiz and

Nicolet Miranda, East Chicago, girl; Francisco Otero Jr. and Nancy Feliciano,

East Chicago, boy; Manuel and Almadelia Ramblas, Whiting, boy; Kenneth and

Robin Duhamell, Hammond, boy; Baudelio and Gabriela Lozano, East Chicago, girl.

St. James

Kevin and Cynthia Ford, Sauk Village, boy; Charles and Kathleen Hutton,

Crete, boy; Raymond and Linda Baker, Crown Point, boy; Raymond and Kristin

Cook, Sauk Village, boy; Edward and Rosalinda Aguilar, Sauk Village, girl;

Richard and Karen Mollway, Lynwood, girl.

St. Margaret

Jesse and Diana Flores, Whiting, girl; John and Dena Ruiz, Chicago, boy;

Edward and Lisa Molden Moldenhauer, Calumet City, boy; Glen Skalak and Margaret

Lane, Highland, boy; Alan Rucinski and Debra Hall, Hammond, boy; Thomas and

Deborah Kasperan, Crown Point, boy; Darrin and Susan Kooiker, Calumet City,

girl; James and Susii Tremain, Calumet City, girl; Wlodzimierz and Helena

Karcz, Hammond, boy; Randy and Kimberly Umbaugh, Griffith, girl;

Paul and Julie Karwatka, Highland, boy; Russell and Karen Serrato, Calumet

City, girl; Brian and Anne Ciastko, Griffith, girl; Alfred and Teresa Mitchell,

Hammond, boy; Randy and Lori Rushing, Burnham, boy; Ronald and Heather

Shadwell, Hammond, boy; Donald and Patricia Frayer, Calumet City, girl; Juan

and Cynthia Carrasquillo, Hammond, girl; Jeffrey and Shannon Kinder, Crown

Point, girl;

Luis DelMuro and Margaret Banas, Whiting, boy; Griffin and Lisa Grant,

Calumet City, boy; Andrew and Kimberly Graham, Merrillville, girl; Walter

Withers and Thonda Martin, Griffith, girl; Timie Gomez, Munster, boy; Shawn

Finigan and Laura Farrant, Hammond, boy; Robert and Adele Sutter, Hammond, boy;

Arturo Cardenas and Michelle Golden, Hammond, boy; Jerry Gaza and Jeanette

Bartell, Hammond, boy; John and Jane Nelson, South Holland, girl; Jeffrey and

Lisa Zeabert, Highland, girl; Jason Dutcher and MaryBeth Bradford, Hammond,

twin boys; Daryl and Laura Whitehouse, Hammond, girl; Raymond and Regina Bilka,

Highland, boy; Nicholas and Mary Digrispino, Lansing, boy; Scott and Patricia

Bodnar, Highland, boy;

St. Mary

David and Jenifer Hammond, Hobart, girl; David and Jana Evans, Lowell, boy;

Kevin and Kathy Robinson, Hobart, girl; Donavon Whitte and Laura Arndt,

Valparaiso, girl; David and Tina Pope, Hobart, girl; Michael and Deborah Vega,

Hobart, girl; James and Terry Konicke, Merrillville, girl; Charles and

Christina Smith, Hobart, boy; David and Deborah Brown, Hobart, boy; Joseph and

Leslie Pazdur, Valparaiso, girl.

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