1. Think whatever you want. I do have a kid that plays at LC and I am good friends with the family, period. I have known this family since our kids played all-stars in rec ball. I'm a softball fan and I read most of the articles in the paper about softball. Intimidating is not a word I would ever use to describe Alyssa, nor I have ever heard anybody ever say that about her. I don't have an "interest in the 2010 Andrean softball team" just an interest in a player that I have know personally for years.
    June 08, 2012 1:33 pm on Humble Kinsella supports team, not spotlight
  2. It is understable when any player as a freshman becomes a starter on any good high school team to be nervous. But to call one of her former teammates and team leaders "intimidating" is ridiculous. Intense and intimidating are not the same.
    June 08, 2012 7:46 am on Humble Kinsella supports team, not spotlight
  3. There were a couple of families that did stick up for the player your are referring to in your comments. That was an unfortunate incident and definitely not the way to start the season. BUT, I don't think the coach can be held responsible for what a parent says in the stands. I thought I had heard that the parent apologized for his remarks? That player is very talented and her skills were missed this season. I honestly think Coach Sherman had no idea what was being said in the stands. I do agree with you that no player should be demeaned for her mistakes and the players should be treated equally when they don't play well. However, that's just not reality because sports don't work that way at any level!
    June 03, 2012 5:09 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  4. These comments are being made mostly by parents. Lots of grumbling in the stands all season long. Lots of parents and some players for that matter had issues with both the freshmen starting. I think most agreed the freshman outfielder should have been in the batting order, but not out in the field where she does need lots of work. People are entitled to their opinion and I might even agree with that one, but to come online and make some of these comments is very childish. The main issues with the freshman pitcher is the comments made by the dad in the stands to multiple parents that if his kid was not the ace at the end of the season that he would transfer her next year. Imagine if you are the parents of any of the 3 returning pitchers who got this team to the final 4 last year. It rubbed everybody the wrong way and caused problems in the dugout because the girls all knew what was being said. You don't come onto an experienced team and start ruffling feathers like that as a freshman parent. Coach Sherman is not going anywhere; he will be back next season. Next year's team will be good, but everybody knows this was the year for a state title run. Chesterton, CP and Portage don't lose much and their best players return. LC loses a ton to graduation this year.

    weluvsoftball, you are correct in lots of your comments and seem to get it. FYI though - regarding the "she's 14 comment" - just leave that one alone; it has nothing to do with lying about her age!
    June 02, 2012 7:40 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  5. Not sure where your info is coming from but I'm pretty sure no 8th grader ever practiced with the varsity girls last year. She earned her spot in the batting order, but needs plenty of work defensively. As far as her being named all conference, she is LC's 3rd best outfielder - when taking all around play into consideration. The DAC coaches are weird about who they pick and they consistently leave some of the best players off for no reason. Last year, LC had a player that was not all conference, but was named All-District. How can a player be one of the best players in the state, but not be all conference? I think plenty of people will be suprised by who was or was not named all-conference and who will be named or not named all-state this season. And from what I hear, underclassmen dominated in both those categories!

    Bottom line is, everybody feels devasted by this loss. It is especially disappointing for the seniors. The returning players will learn from this and so will the coaching staff. LC will rebound and be strong again next year. Plenty of comments posted here are strictly rumors or just flat out false. I strongly encourage anybody that is an LC parent to talk with the Coach and/or AD with your concerns instead of believing everything you hear or read.
    May 31, 2012 8:27 pm on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  6. These comments are getting ridiculous. Coach Sherman is a great guy, who cares deeply about his players. Just like his players, he is devasted by this loss and I know he takes responsibility for it. But because he didn't say that in the paper, he is terrible. GET OVER IT!!! The LC team played poorly against Chesterton. Several of LC's stars did not play well and the TEAM lost. It is funny how people don't seem to get, LC and Chesterton had virtually the same stats in terms of hits and errors. The difference truly being the 3 run HR and that's it! This was a game that should have been won even with that terrible 4th inning.

    Players did not get varsity spots because of helping with the field, cooking at tournaments or buying uniforms (I'm 100% sure that a family did not buy the new uniforms!). LC softball has the worst parents I have ever been around. They all think their daughter is the greatest pitcher, catcher, 3rd baseman, SS, etc. and how dare the varsity coach not be playing by kid. Here is a hint; tell her to work harder and actually try to earn her spot. If you want to complain, go to the AD or schedule a meeting with the Coach. Or spend some extra time at the fields or cages with your kid because there are only 3 open starting varsity spots for next season - unless, of course, somebody has already promised a new pitching machine so their daughter can start, LOL!!
    May 31, 2012 8:05 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  7. I'm sure the coach spent the night questioning his decision to keep the freshman pitcher in as long as he did. BUT, LC still had the opportunity to win this game. This team should have scored more runs in the first, but back to back K's by 2 seniors hurt. In that dreadful 4th inning, if LC's infielder catches what looked like a routine pop-up, LC is still down but that saves 3 runs. Those 3 kids have been awesome players for LC all year. If the Chesterton outfielders don't make 2 snowcone catches on line drives in the 4th & 5th, LC probably would have scored more runs. LC left runners on base in 5 innings. Pulling the freshman pitcher earlier might have given LC a better chance to win, but this game was still winnable had certain players stepped up! Unfortunately, LC's great senior class gets to go out on a bad note; however, this loss is not all on the coach!
    May 30, 2012 7:45 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
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