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  1. Interesting Observation as I have Read all the Comments here and it is Disturbing to me That 129 ppl do not trust/support/Feel-safe-with the Local Law Enforcement and their way's of going about things, and there are the 48 of u that think what a Great Service has Been Done! It's all in the Numbers.....Keep that in Mind next Election day...... Take Care all, and Don't forget to look over your shoulder, after all this is 2013, not 1960. Anyone of us who verbally expressed themselves in these post's might become the Pd's next target. Look at what happened to all our great speaker's! now imagine about all the one's you've never heard of before, theirs a reason for that! I'm Just a Stickler for the TRUTH!
    February 01, 2013 9:53 pm on Portage police arrest four during drug raid
  2. I consider myself to be a Responsible Adult, meaning...." I accept Responsibility" for MY own Actions. We are all Human and Make Mistake's, in My travels thru Life I can Surly attest one true Fact.......Trouble Finds those that Cannot Mind their OWN Business. I've Never once Seen or Heard of an Instance where a Mouth Runner Gained Respect. But surly ended up on the Business end of Someone's Rage! Be aware Motorcycle's are Everywhere! : )
    February 01, 2013 1:19 pm on Portage police arrest four during drug raid
  3. PORTAGE POLICE Seize Clothing and Jar of Change.......New's @ 11:00, They Considered Telling the Truth Then Changed their Mind's- Seem's like they were P_ssed they Didn't find the REAL DRUG Pusher's and Decided to go the Distance in Giving another-hardworking Tax payer a real Rough time For having what appears to be Personal Use! and BTW kle317 cook a Goose Lately? Dum-Bo. lmao. that dude's name start's with an "M" and end's with "Oron" : ) I am left with Frustrations and Concerns Tward our Overseer's of the Law here in Portage,I.N. as to no doubt this will all get figured out!
    February 01, 2013 12:17 pm on Portage police arrest four during drug raid
  4. I am Willing to Testify in Court That There are Accusations here That are Clear Lie's by the Portage Police Dept. I know what no-one else knows- There is no Affilliations to the Invaders Motorcycle Gang in that Home! That was Earned Paycheck Money! Thier was no Machete opened and Tucked between two Mattresses! The Ar15 was NOT Loaded and their was No Live round in the "tube"! The Child was "using the Bathroom"! was it necessary to Deploy 2 Flash-bang Grenade's into the Residence where a Small Toddler lives? is that protocol? or just Collateral Damage?Doe's anyone understand the Effect's and Trauma of those white hot Phosphorus/Magnesium grenade's??? and the Concussion Felt??? they had carnal knowledge of the occupants did they not? and chose to use Grenade's anyway on a supposed marijuana Dealer and his oh so threatening display that seems to say "user" to me, NOT Distributor!!! So, I guess going thru their Drawers of clothes and Finding a Shirt that Says Invaders Means that They are in a Motorcycle Gang Huh? interesting to say the least. Portage Police opened up a can of worms here and the TRUTH will - with all Officer's be Exposed! You are not going to lie about people PORTAGE POLICE!!! if we as the General Public cannot and will not get away with lying well then Sir's- Neither Shall U.
    February 01, 2013 5:44 am on Portage police arrest four during drug raid

  5. Look, It's like this..... I am Absolutly Shocked and Amazed that the One's that we know who to trust and Confide in,(taught this as young children) to trust in the Police.....I am Ashamed in "our" Portage Force- They are for Fact Lying to and Misleading the Community about the Details concerning this Oh-So-Heroic arrest that has made our Street's Safer from a Hardworking Man and His Family, This Truly Makes me Sick! I thought we Could Trust the Police and now I see First Hand That it it not so........ I am Truly in Disgust! Maybe it's time that People Speak out the TRUTH! they need to be Exposed for their LIE's......
    January 31, 2013 7:42 pm on Portage police arrest four during drug raid
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