1. Taxpayers have payed over a quarter of million dollars for these last two buyouts! This time the responsible party was not elected!

    Oin the Dec 14, 2010 board agenda (on the web site) says that , W. Sakeralaris recommended Dana Griner (out of the very small pool of applicants) which then was approved by himself, Kolcot and Dixon. J Mueller voted NO!

    We can guess that Dana Griner was rightfully functioning in her capacity as board president to protect EITHER the children of Hanover, the employees of Hanover or the finances of Hanover.

    So, out of credit to Griner, something must of have scarred the dickens out of her.
    We can be sure (lol) that she correctly proceeded by calling William Kaminiski, the school board attorney, who then advised her. Can you imagine an untrained, uneducated, un-elected school board president to take this serious action without a school board attorney's advice? Wait, maybe she acted without his advice? I wonder who on that board would support this action? Not Kolcot.

    Maybe her and Dixon wanted to give their favorite gal-pal Kaiser a special Christmas present. Take a year off from your job and Hanover taxpayers will pay you!

    This thing is sealed. They won't talk. They screwed up and its costing a lot of money. If they talk publicly, it will just cost more.

    January 18, 2013 9:01 pm on School board should say why superintendent left
  2. I didn't post sooner with my opinion, because I have been reading board meeting notes to find common themes for the last two superintendent buyouts. Taxpayers have payed over a quater of million dollars for these buyouts!

    Did you know, that they could have declined Kaiser's resignation and assigned her to a classroom as a teacher, instead of buying her out!

    First of all, DON'T blame the whole board!!!! It only takes one or two people on the school board to mess up the whole thing and put Hanover Taxpayers on the line. So lets look who is responsible for Kaiser and this mess.

    Responsible Parties (1) School Board Nov 2008 who hired Kaiser: B Peteko, M Dixon, D Poston, P Kolcot. VERY interestingly, T Wilkening (whose father is now on the board) was conspicuously absent from the vote. Check with our fire chief, see what his opinion is on the matter. Poston is on our town board, check that out, maybe he will comment for you. Dixon is the parks supervisor appointed by the town board . . .I wonder why she should be allowed to be on this board and be a club sponsor at the high school?

    Responsible Parties (2) Did you know that the most recent president of the school board was not even voted in by the public at large? In 2010, Poston resigned to take a position with the town board.

    Then in the Dec 14 2010 meeting, W Sakeralaris recommended Dana Griner out of the very small pool of applicants (shame on the community) which then was approved by himself, Kolcot and Dixon. BIG note here . . . J Mueller voted NO! Call Mueller ask her why she felt that Griner was not the best candidate.

    Responsible party (3). Dana Griner. Although I don't know legalities, it appears that she was rightfully functioning in her capacity as board president to protect EITHER the children of Hanover, the employees of Hanover or the finances of Hanover. Another appropriate reason for a board president to act in this capacity is if there is some type of a criminal proceeding moving through the legal system.

    So, out of credit to Griner, something must of have scarred the dickens out of her.

    So IF she did correctly proceed by calling William Kaminiski, the school board attorney, and he did advise her on how to proceed, then Hanover community taxpayers should sue his insurance company for the $150k. Attorneys many times carry an "errors and omissions" policy in case they mess up.

    I just can't imagine an untrained, uneducated, un-elected school board president to take this serious action without an school board attorney's advice. Maybe she did act without his advice?

    By the way, did you know the M. Dixon is the common board member to both the last two buyouts? The previous superintendent was also bought out to a tune of six figures. Kolcot would have been a common thread also, however she was left out of this and voted no.

    Mary Joan Dixon is the common person on both boards. Have you heard of any conspiracy theories about the park director also playing some type of politics?

    Post them here!
    January 12, 2013 3:33 pm on Hanover issues statement on school chief's departure
  3. Yes taxpayer, Cook could have developed the "budget." Keep in mind a budget is just that, spreadsheets with numbers. How funds are ACTUALLY spent and accounted is a WHOLE different world.

    To know how funds are actually spent requires an audit. By law, for schools, an state audit occurs every few years. This is usually a cursory effort by a "certified accountant" and becomes more involved when "irregularities" are found. Those irregularities could be sloppy accounting practices OR fraud. I suspect maybe both in Hanover's case? Why else would the super be asked to leave shortly after a HS bookkeeper was terminated.

    Mr. Cook IS NOT an auditor. To clean up this mess (daily accounting operations) will take a person with significant school funding experience. Its a natural check and balance for a school board to have TWO highly qualified people running a small corporation. A super and a business manager (accountant) should be of equal stature.

    Hanover got into this mess because of Kaiser's tyrannical control grab under the nose of the school board while saying the school system needed to "save money."
    She eliminated at least two (qualified) business managers in her three year term.

    Currently, business service manager, Bogathy, is considered by all as a good person who is in over her head. Previously she was the "food service manager" which doesn't typically prepare a person for school fund accounting and budgeting. Having a background is in restaurant management would make her well qualified for the role of food service manager. Without knowing Hanover's salary budget, I would assume that like others in the central office, she is probably paid in the 30's. If true, that would be about a third of what a business manager salary would be!!

    Hanover's accounting mess is exactly what they paid for! Again, this is not reflection on Bogathy.

    In the short run, Hanover's board needs realize that there is an "appearance" of conflict of interest with Cook at the helm. He was previously been hired by Kaiser. The fix involves having auditors/accounts report DIRECTLY to the board in the short run and a new business manager put in place that has school experience in the long run. Hanover's new board should consider independent meetings (without the super) with the business manager for the next few years to maintain a check and balance.

    The school board's main function is to be a watch dog organization. Caught in petty politics, they have been unable to do their elected job. Why the current board ever let go of the internal checks an balances of having a highly qualified business manager is an egg on the face of Hanover taxpayers.

    The newly elected board has their work cut out for themselves! Most school officials know that Hanover is the land of buyouts . . . pay the price for a few years and hit the lotto at the end of your term! Now how many times has Hanover done this? And what price to taxpayers? This should be the first question asked.
    December 31, 2012 9:51 am on Hanover School Board accepts superintendent's resignation
  4. HanoverTaxpayer - 22 hours ago said: "The superintendant does not direct where the funds go for each individual school. The superintendant supervises the buget process for the whole district and then gives the spending amounts to the individual schools. Where the money goes from there, the school administrator decides."

    Thank you for your posts but you are MISINFORMED.

    Public school corporations in Indiana are usually budgeted and monitored from a central office. Payroll comes from the central office, bills are paid from the central office, budgets are developed from the central office. Building principals really have little impact on this process unless their super asks for it. In a small corp like Hanover, with the head cafeteria lady in charge of the expenditures and budget (instead of an accountant or trained school business official), gave Kaiser lots of latitude with little check or balance except of course from the school board.

    The only funds that principals usually monitor and control (with help of the school bookkeeper) are called extra curricular accounts (ECA's). These are the funds collected at the school level: athletic funds, field trip funds, "dance" funds. Book fees and such are deposited by the school bookkeeper into "corporation" accounts and monitored at the corporate level.

    At Hanover, "in the past", ECA's are officially approved each month by the school board and in theory are verified (checked) by the school business manager . . . in this case would be Kaiser.

    Because most of the corporation bookkeeping is computer driven paperwork would take significant effort to defraud the school corporation. However, with thousands of dollars of cash being collected at the school level ECAs (especially in high schools) each month, fraud usually occurs at that level.
    December 30, 2012 3:02 pm on Hanover School Board accepts superintendent's resignation
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