1. Preach Brother
    December 19, 2012 12:28 pm on Lawn signs show union support
  2. Speaking on topics you know relatively nothing about only shows your ignorance.
    1) We are, and if Union work only accounts for 12% of the work force, why are you bothered so much?
    2) Don't support them or businesses that do. Shop at Walmart and other businesses that don't support Labor, there are plenty in the Region, would you like a list? What you should ask yourself is why do companies choose to pay a premium for union workers. And if your answer is because we force them to, think again, law enforcement, newspapers, and the Republican party would be all over it if we did.
    3)What makes you think Union craftsmen are not professional. My apprenticeship is 5 years long. With over 10,000 hours of classroom and on the job training. Just because i don't wear a suit and tie, and I work with my hands as well as my mind does not mean I'm not a professional. Also, many of us have 4 year degrees, and Every one of us that has become an apperntice sice 1995 have Associate degrees, you see on top of our apprenticeship courses, our apprentices attend night courses at college as well. Also part of that compensation is for the dander our profession involes. Electricity kills, daily. Most people I know are afraid to change a recptacle in their house, much less come out to a steel mill and deal with 13,800 volts. We do this confidently, as a matter of routine.

    So, the facts are that Union workers are better trained, safer, and regardless of propoganda get the job done On Time and On Budget. We understand that the only reason companies hire us is because we are highly trained PROFESSIONALS. I don't know why you begrudge honest hard working middle class americans a decent living to support our families, maybe you should pick on MLB, NBA, or the NFL instead. Oh, that's entertaining though, much more important than educating our kids or keeping America's infrastructure functioning
    December 19, 2012 12:24 pm on Lawn signs show union support
  3. I just have a few questions....1) Do you enjoy your 40 hour work week, and time and a half for hours worked in excess of 40? 2) Do you appreciate your health benefits and retirement funds, how about "personal days" and sick days? 3) You you like having paid vacations? 4) Did you forget who fought and died to secure these now taken for granted benefits? That's right, it was the unions that lobbied, got beaten, and murdered to get companies and our government to pass things like OSHA. So as a proud UNION MEMBER (IBEW Local 697) I would prefer a thank you on Labor Day (Yes, we got that too, do you enjoy that holiday?) and some wreaths on our forefathers graves over unenlightened, unfounded, thankless comments.
    December 18, 2012 10:15 pm on Lawn signs show union support
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