1. So I lived in the building...2nd floor rear...I was actually interviewed for the first report in nwitimes the morning after the fire.I made an account to say a few things about the well as some comments made.

    @Harborgirl-"A lot of the people moving to EC and Whiting have no sense of history of this area, so what do they care if the place they rent burns down? Now how is it going to look for the Fourth of July Parade and Pierogi Fest??? "

    This has got to be the most ignorant comment I have read to date about this tragedy.
    History is one thing...but our family was completely heart broken because we lost everything we owned.So yes...we cared...and the fact that the only thing you are concerned with is how its going to look during pierogi ridiculous.

    As for the arson ...there was no doubt in my mind from the moment I saw how fast the flames spread that is was arson.

    @whiting4life219-your conspiracy theory is smashed due to the fact I am good friends with the landlord (steve) and he was never offered a buyout from the city..or anyone for that matter.

    I do applaud the hard work the firefighters put in...while my family left to go to my mother in laws house around 7..i stayed till midnight to watch my home burn...and I was freezing...and I wasn't even wet...they were.Although as the fire started...and we ran out with no coats or shoes fireman allowed me back into the building to retrieve what i could for warmth.Only to have a policeman run me out the back door as soon as i got up there.All the better though...there was already smoke filling my apartment as i left it.

    Anyways..due to fundraisers..and donations...we are building a new life and recovering...and as far as I know everyone from the building is doing the same.We have dinner with the Mayor tonight so I'll know more then about everyones situations...maybe.

    One last thing...if you rent..get renters insurance...we didn't have it..but we do now.
    March 07, 2013 5:26 pm on Officials: January fire in downtown Whiting may have been set
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