1. The only problem I have personally encounter with these guys or any motorcycle "enthusiast" is how LOUD they are. I understand they think they are "safer" with loud pipes, but at what cost? EVERYONE else around them are bothered by their added "safety" measure. You want examples? I'll give you examples. I am woke up at least twice a week BEFORE I CHOOSE to wake up by a thoughtless neighbor who needs to rev up his loud pipes. WHY SHOULD MY LIFE BE DISRUPTED BY A TOTAL STRANGER? he should not have ANY control over what time I CHOOSE TO RISE IN THE MORNING. ( i am talking 5-6 am)Example #2...I'm sitting at a green light waiting to turn left, my baby is in the back seat sleeping, Mr. Loud Pipes whizzes by with pipes that are so loud, it wakes up the baby, scaring him and instantly starts screaming crying. WHY SHOULDN'T BABIES BE ABLE TO NAP DURING A CAR RIDE? Example #3...I'm in my Yoga class at the YMCA, unwinding during meditation, clearing my mind, washing my stress away, ONCE AGAIN, MR. LOUD PIPES STROLLS DOWN WILLOWCREEK, DISTRACTING MY TRAIN OF THOUGHT...I CAN'T EVEN RELAX FOR 5 MINUTES! Example #4...I'm enjoying lunch outdoors at Tates' Diner in Portage with a friend...we're talking as Mr. Loud Pipes goes by....we actually HAVE TO STOP TALKING UNTIL HE PASSES SO WE CAN HEAR EACH OTHER. EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE, I AM INTERRUPTED BY THESE GUYS. I HATE THEM. ALL OF THEM. THEY THINK THEY ARE ENTITLED TO DISTURB EVERYONE SO THEY CAN FEEL SAFER...HERE'S A THOUGHT, IF WHAT YOU'RE DOING IS SO DANGEROUS THAT YOU NEED TO DISTURB THE ENTIRE CITY, MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T DO IT. The Mayor of Portage signed an amendment on July 3rd, 2012 that forbids Motorcycle owners to alter their muffler systems. Because they are not made that loud at the factory in which they're built. they have to modify them to be that loud. There is a reason he signed this law, because the noise is deafening, disturbs OUR RIGHT TO PEACE, and is just downright obnoxious. It doesn't make you cool, it makes you an jerk.
    August 18, 2012 9:05 am on MARK KIESLING: It's time for Portage to stop invading the Invaders
  2. is it safe to assume that this woman with no valid license also had no valid insurance? Who pays for the loss of these people? their funerals, their outstanding bills, they're brand new motorcycle? I'd be willing to bet that if insured, the policy covers only licensed drivers. Sympathies to the family. Sure wish people would really, truly consider the dangers of riding a motorcycle.
    August 09, 2012 3:30 pm on SUV driver ticketed in two-fatality motorcycle crash
  3. and his entire pay to cover the funeral costs of the man he left dying in the street.
    July 23, 2012 4:44 pm on Portage man's attorney seeks trial delay in fatal hit-and-run
  4. lemme get this straight...he was on probation when he killed someone, left the scene and his Father attempted to flee with him and the judge LOWERS the bail? And wait...he and his family don't want us to have an opinion or express our opinions? Am I in the twilight Zone here?
    May 09, 2012 3:08 pm on Man leaves jail after bond lowered in fatal hit-and-run
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