1. To all of Hobart Fire Department and New Chicago PD, you are appreciated every day. We are thankful for individuals such as yourselve’s. Thank you for your daily efforts and dedication
    November 07, 2012 2:38 am on New Chicago officer saves life of Hammond man at gym
  2. First and foremost…the most important aspect of this event, is that this individual is alive. No matter how, whom, or what situation, individuals of this community came together, whoever they may be, and participated in a miracle. However, to look at, judge, and degrade these men, men who risk their lives on a daily basis to better and save the lives of our community, your family, someone’s mother, father, or children is a disgrace. These individuals sacrifice so much of their lives on a daily basis. They risk their lives for others every second of their day. These brave and heroic men and women do not have a daily routine. They do not have the pleasure of spending every night of their life with their families. They do not have the luxury of sitting down to enjoy dinner for sake that a call will come through and at the drop of a hat stop what they are doing to help society. These men are unique. Brave. Heroic. Admired. Appreciated. Unselfish. They are hard working individuals of this community. Ones who deserve respect and admiration. Not everyone can do what these individuals do. It takes a special person with a dedicated heart. A person who is not afraid to risk their life for another. A person who puts themselves on the back burner while making everybody else their priority. Being a Fireman, Paramedic, or Police Officer does not come natural. It is not easy. It is in their blood to save the lives and respond to the people of our community. It is not a job, yet a selfless compassion. Saving and protecting lives is what they do. And it is not a choice. It is a duty of desire and dedication. A duty that comes natural without hesitation. You should feel honored and blessed that people like them exist and are willing to sacrifice. They are heroes, each and every day. So for all of you who have stated your disgraceful comments and whom have categorized and slandered these individuals should be ashamed. I hope that when you lay down at night you feel better about yourself. I hope you feel ashamed of speaking so freely and inconsiderate. Know one day, you too will need the help of one of these stoic men. You will need to trust your life with theirs and maybe then, when your life or one of your loved ones is on the line, you will think twice about judging them. And you too will thank them for who they are and what they do. The efforts of these men are incredible and brave. So tonight when you lay down in your bed, take time out to be thankful for people like them. Because they will be there at your beckon call. Until you walk in their shoes and live the life they do, think twice about what you say and think twice before you judge. It is a disgrace to know that so many individuals do not hesitate to publicize their ignorance. That is what is wrong with society. Not them. You. People forget the importance of a situation like this, human life, a miracle. So to all who participated in this event should be proud of themselves and each other. This is a story with a happy ending. Enjoy and embrace it. Because one day, it could be you whom is relying on one of these individuals that you talked to poorly about to save your life.
    November 07, 2012 2:37 am on New Chicago officer saves life of Hammond man at gym
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