1. It seems the topic really strikes a chord. I was a smoker on and off for years. Even as a smoker I don't think one can compare allowing people to smoke in a public place the same as being allowed to drink in public places. When one drinks (not gets drunk, but has A drink with dinner), it only affects that person; however, when one has only one cigarette, it is affecting that person plus many around them. I don't think it is a difficult decision to walk outside to have a cigarette; I used to do it when I smoked as I never smoked inside my home or car. I don't think smoking outside public places should be banned, out in the air, provided steps away from the door in which others, especially children, have to walk through. We can't 'make' people stop what they like doing. That is the smoker's choice (as was mine some time ago) to pollute my own body, and so be it. If places had designated outdoor areas located a good distance then I don't see the problem as they are going to smoke regardless. Obviously over the years smoking has decreased in public places and overall which is a sign of improvement. I look at it this way...if one wants to smoke, keep it to yourself, as far away from others as to not hinder their health. Same with drinking...if one wants to have a drink, stick to one or two as to not get in the car and hinder the lives of others. Throwing butts out the window should not happen regardless, it is a form of trash and hopefully those same people are not throwing fast food trash, etc out their window. And last, to those that think you can not smell smoke while in a car with the windows up, you can. I keep reading comments that it basically seems impossible, and it happens. Even my 10yr old in the back seat can smell cigarette smoke afar, and has with windows up in our car sitting at a light behind a car with someone smoking. So, not something to argue about if you are a smoker, and I don't think I'm trying to be argumentative when stating's just a fact that it does happen. Overall, I'm pleased with any type of indoor ban...I lived in OH and it was nice to go to a bar and not come home 'reeking' of smoke, my hair, clothes, etc when I didn't smoke; however, ones should be able to at least have the option to go outside in a designated area if need be.
    July 02, 2012 2:00 pm on Ban snuffing smoking in most public places starts today
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