1. Let me be clear my daughter has never been cut or replaced by younger players and I would never hurt him but I just feel that Sherman is not the best option as manager for Lake Central. You are right this is high school sports but for some of these children it will be the highest level that they get to play and most of these girls take so much pride in representing their schools and it is not fair that theyare not given the best chance to succeed because the manager can not make fair choices due to parents threats. The freshman pitcher should not have even been called up Please explain why they would need 4 pitchers when the 3 that got them to semistate the previous year was still there and a year older? Also please tell me why the freshman would be pitching that game when she just pitched Friday in the sectional final, where she did pitch good but if you watched missed her spots but got helped out by the same catcher that supposedly missed numerous balls on Tuesday. If you really watch closely as I have, that freshman pitcher, as hard as she throws, has trouble at times hitting her location, which for anybody that has played knows it makes it tougher for the catcher to do their job. Who would have thought that the other errors would have happened but they did. He had 3 other qualified pitchers for that game and took to long to go to them. I guess I am different because I give Sherman credit for putting this team together before the season starts but that is all he deserves beause once the season starts he has no clue how to coach softball and lets outside influences dictate how the team will play. As much as people might think that the defense let the freshman pitcher down, the manager let the whole team down by his choices. The one thing that is not being said but should be is that nomatter what Chesterton did what it took to win and Lake Central did not but the hard thing for me to swallow is that Chesterton put their best team on the field and Lake Central did not, now who makes those choices?
    May 31, 2012 10:09 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
  2. This was not the first time that he let something outside of what was best for the team dictate how he coached the team. Rumor had it last year a girl was going to quit and he talked her into staying. If you do not have a backbone to do what is best for your team then you should not coach. Parents, for the most part, are only worried about their child the child is worried about their playing time, the manager needs to be the one that is worried about the team and LC does not have that with Sherman. The senior pitchers should have earned the right to pitch this post season and instead the manager decided to go with a baseball rotation. Sherman needs to realize that this is not baseball and softball pitchers can pitch multiple games in a week, if they need to they can pitch multiple games in the same day. But the pitching staff is not the only position he has done this with, does anyone know who the starting catcher is, last year we never saw the back up and then this year it seemed like the back up played more then the starter. These girls worked their butts off and were determined to do the best they can the bad thing is they just did not have another team against them it seemed like they had their own manager against them also. It is a shame because these girls had what it took to bring another state championship back to Lake Central. It has been an honor to watch these girls every game and it is a shame that they were not given a fair shot to win it all. We can only hope that the athletic director takes some time and realizes that Lake Central softball does not need a former baseball coach as the manager then hands the reigns over to a former Lake Central softball pitcher that helped guide them to a state championship and have a manager that worries about team first and not individuals!!!
    May 30, 2012 11:18 am on Tymorek is 'queen' in shocking upset of Lake Central
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