1. Who ever took this to have a legal court system to judge this matter is according to the word of God, judged. I Corinth 6, read that whole chapter. Man that is a man suffers with lust problems, there's not a man on the face of God's earth who doesn't deal with this. Now the issue here is his wife. What was she not doing? Honey, I make sure my man is so well satisfied that he wouldn't have enough energy to look at another woman. And this girl was not innocent, she began having sex probably at the age of 12. Y'all better forgive this man of God and get him restored. If you think this church will run like it never happened, think again. In the bible it speaks of the five fold leadership, the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. Where's a deacon? Exactly, he or she is only a server. Cleans church, and assist in the area of ministry.
    September 21, 2012 9:11 am on EDITORIAL: First Baptist pastor, church deserve forgiveness
  2. It is written,"a just man falleth 7 times and rises again". It means that no matter how many times you sin or make a mistake, God is just to forgives us and He restores us as long as we continue to live for Him. The best example God gave us in the bible is David and he was a king and killed a man for his wife he had laid with and had a baby by. Was he still a king? A deacon has no authority in the church, he's there to serve. There is no proper order in that church. I pray for those who sat in judgement on this man of God. "For he without sin cast the first stone." All of you members are held accountable for your leader to pray for this man at all times for we are to pray for those who are in leadership, they are fallible as anybody else, they are no more or less human. Where's is your agape love? Don't sound like God to me. He is accountable to God and not unto man. "He who is spiritual is to restore the one in love, less we fall, this is what God commanded of us." This man is surely sorrowful and repentful unto God, oh how quick we are to forget the labor of love this man have shown through the years and his teachings that helped countless of people and for one mistake you threw in the towel. How dare any of you to criticize, God extends mercy and grace. You doing just what the devil wanted, see how far the church will go now, talking about the church folks.
    September 20, 2012 7:53 pm on EDITORIAL: First Baptist pastor, church deserve forgiveness
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