1. "Arming teachers or principals would not have prevented that disaster. The assailant coolly planned his assault. Research shows that armed civilians who are taken by surprise are more likely to injure innocent bystanders than they are to stop the perpetrator."
    G Munn above echos my exact thoughts when I read this. "Bad guns" continue until "good guns" arrive. These types of shooters tend to continue until the "good guns" arrive when, almost typically, the shooter takes his own life. I find it completely false that someone who was armed and trained could not have slowed or halted this assault. With proper training and procedures, people are not "surprised", they are prepared. A better, more responsible editorial from a head of an educational institution might have been to explain how people could keep themselves safe, how to be vigilant, how to use a tip hotline, and how to reach out to people with mental illness. No, she went political and we are no more safe on campus than before the editorial.
    I attend GSU. I had to ask myself if I am allowed to so freely refer to sources without listing them. It is also not a good educational practice to only list the sources that I want to without considering another opinion. The angle of this piece just verifies what I have known in education: it is hard to be of a conservative mindset when so many want to push more liberal views at you - and those who do happen to be in a position of power.
    February 05, 2013 2:55 pm on EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD: College presidents want guns kept off campus
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