1. I think that the point of travel baseball for most kids (and their families) is lost on you. Kids don't join travel ball because they think they are going MLB at 9. Simply put, many towns do not have the coaches that know and understand how to teach young players the game of baseball. Most, in fact, are only there for their own child and taking a team will give that coach/parent the control they desire. When our son was 10, there were 6 out of the 11 boys on his team who had never played organized baseball before, and 2 of the 6 had never had a baseball glove on their hand. So, while the coach is teaching the basics of catching and throwing, exactly when would another child be taught the more intrinsic parts of playing ball? No time for that, really. Instead, my son played 2-4 hours daily at home. So, to avoid a similar situation, he played travel ball this year. Admittedly, many of today's teams are not elite - it's more Daddy-Ball than anything else (ie: "my son couldn't make a travel team, so I am starting my own"), except for town ball travel teams - that's just straight up politics. However, there are many teams out there such as the Playmakers, The Shockers, the Steelheads, the Lincolnway Prospects, etc. that are out to teach your son how to play the best baseball he can in preparation for high school baseball. Don't knock it unless you truly understand travel ball, and you clearly don't.
    August 05, 2012 6:36 pm on Parents face choice of travel, town baseball
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