1. "quitjudging" Dave is a friend of ours, and always will be. He has always been a caring, helpful, thoughtful person who loves his family and friends. Despite what happened that awful morning, that is NOT the Dave that we have known for years.
    ME-Sorry to explain it to you, but if you have known Dave for years than it is the Dave you know. How hard is it to understand. He isn't too caring of a person, helpful or thoughtful who loves his family and friends. If he really did, he would have done the right thing after doing the wrong thing and that would have been to make sure the guy he hit was ok. Not just leave the scene knowing someone was in the van and burned because of his actions.

    "quitjudging" While the Gebauer family has suffered a terrible loss for which we all sympathize, the Hatfield family will suffer tremendously as well.
    ME- And the Hatfield family will suffer tremendously because of knowing someone they loved could be so cold of a person to do what he did.

    "quitjudging" I wish people would know and realize that Dave did not set out to destroy his, or anyone else's family. That I know for sure. Not being able to see the people he loves daily will be absolute torture for him.
    ME- And the Gebauer family not being able to see their husband, dad, grandfather will be absolute torture for them, especially the circumstances that caused it.

    "quitjudging" Everyone needs to stop judging, and have some compassion for EVERYONE involved!!
    ME- And think about the other family he destroyed, along with his because of being an idiot. Also, think about if your friend David caused this to one of your family members, would you be acting the same way...I bet not.

    I hate when people stick up for someone who not only drank and drove, but caused a fatal accident and then leaves the scene knowing someone is in the van and burning to death. But he was so caring that he went to hide at a friend's home and went to sleep, no concsious. Luckily his friend who's home he was at was a good enough person and led the police to his house to get him. Let me guess, that was wrong in your book, you would not have done that because he is such a good person. Give it up, he is a POS.
    March 27, 2013 9:48 pm on St. John man charged in fatal crash
  2. To even make a comment that you wish something like this can happen to someone else because they're a POS show's your true colors. Something bad happened to a good person who didn't deserve this, but bad things do happen for other reasons to bad people as you, it's called KARMA. Suck it up when it happens to you "myopinioncounts".
    March 27, 2013 9:34 pm on St. John man charged in fatal crash
  3. You must go to AA meetings saying a comment as that " if u have a drink once a week once a month or once a year u r considered an alcoholic by definition" because I think that's the crapola they say. Not sure though, never been to a meeting and don't have an alcohol problem, and NO I NEVER GOT BEHIND THE WHEEL AFTER DRINKING, so that must mean I'm perfect. Who cares what the lady down the street says, obviously she knows more than you. If it were your father, husband, brother who's life were taken would you have the same comments to say...I bet not. So you are the ignorant one!
    March 27, 2013 9:31 pm on St. John man charged in fatal crash
  4. So does this mean you aren't going to help the family raise the $40,000 they are asking for to pay lawyer fees? I got a good laugh out of seeing that new page his mother made asking for donations. Funny how most are anonymous people that supposedly donated. Why the heck would anyone want to support a murderer to pay for his lawyer fees? Crazy!
    March 27, 2013 9:25 pm on McCowan murder sentencing Thursday
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