1. I understand the need to sit in judgement of these two people charged with theft from an elderly woman, blind at that. But remember to "judge not lest you be judged"! There are many people whom are family and friends, who in their disbelief, are shocked, and at least want to hear everything, hopefuly before a fair jury, in the court of law, regardless of who the judge before them is. It's not about politics! I for one have known Robbin, and it breaks my heart to think she would be a part of something like this. I am certain that they cared well for the eldery woman.Maybe helped themselves? We should always be aware of our elderly families health and welfare. It is sad that no one was concerned long before accusations and ultimately the arrests of Robbin and her husband. Families are so busy now, that if it's not worth it to them they don't get involved till it becomes too late. Maybe the woman was being kind and giving her wealth away? You won't know for sure till it is proved in the courts and all proof is on the table! Also remember that there are other victims here, the family (her Mother) and friends (my daughter and myself) who have loved Robbin for a long time, and find it difficult to swallow, much less understand what has happened. I prefer to let the courts prove all, and God be the final judge and jury! And let's not forget...A Christian is not perfect, but forgiven. So for all you know all, do gooders who are passing judgment and damned them to h..ll, how hot is the fire from where you are sitting on your own seat? For not one person on this earth is without sin...and for many...your crimes havent been exposed. I don't know much of Barry Bostic, so my assumations I reserve. As a flight risk I don't believe that would be something to concern with, especially since Robbin has her children and mother and numerous family here in the immediate area. But regardless if indeed, they are found guilty the time spent will apply to their sentence. But do remember American people in this land of the free...You are INNOCENT till proven GUILTY beyond a shadow of doubt!!
    November 16, 2012 3:21 pm on Bond reduction denied in theft case
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