1. What kind of piece of garbage do you have to be to say you'll laugh when someone loses their job? We have families, young children, we spend our money in what's left of "The Region" and you people are all on here green-eyed and groaning. All of you people on here with so many opinions borne out of total ignorance. You've never seen the likes of which I deal with every single day. You hate yourselves for being cowards and the only way you feel better is to tell yourself that the people who are willing to stand up and fight for what they deserve are doing so because they they are greedy? Only someone trying to justify their own cowardice would say the things you worthless, souless excuses for human beings (I won't even use the word "men" here) are posting. Just to clear the air: We do things every day that would make you dogs wet yourselves. We ARE skilled. Trade unions are as well but we can't concentrate on one thing like them. I personally am responsible for repairing everything from glowing-red refractory (again, you wouldn't last a minute) to troubleshooting complex hydraulic systems (once again, you'd never understand it, you're too dumb). I will continue to fight for what I have and hope for the best for you all in your begging. Think before you post because although you are a weak, scared little puppet, some of us out here are still standing tall and whatever we get, you'll ALWAYS get what's left.
    September 13, 2012 5:52 pm on United Steelworkers, ArcelorMittal reach tentative labor agreement
  2. You people union bashing are pathetic. I hate people who are too afraid to stand up for themselves so they post passive-aggressive BS on the Times EVERY SINGLE TIME something having to do with organized labor is printed. Half the time stuff isn't even related but in your fearful, ignorant little minds you try and make a connection that isn't even there because you know nothing about the mills and there is a reason for that. You wouldn't make it. So, you vent your jealousy the only way you know how. Keep being jealous of what I provide my family with. Keep hoping that someday I lose it. Because when that happens I know exactly where to get what I need: Your House. Because nobody there is willing to fight for anything. You people are sad sad pieces of $#!+. That is all.
    September 03, 2012 5:42 pm on Steelworkers continue contract negotiations
  3. I wouldn't go if they paid me $20...unless she's hot, then maybe.
    September 03, 2012 5:22 pm on U.S. Steel representative to speak at Teibel's
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