1. I have read the comments, I have heard the rumors and I have heard the facts....fact being nobody should be placing judgement on EITHER coach. The fact being Coach Foster had a lapse in judgement concerning an indiscretion that would not be tolerated by many, mainly parents, and handled it in a way that reflected his inexperience and age. With that being said, Mr. Klimczak was thrown into this situation by the school administration, not by his own hand. Given his experience with successful coaching and mentoring of high school athletes, to me it was a no brainer if he would take over the South Central Football team. We would be lucky to have him and I guess I don't understand why people are negative, especially when they don't know the situation or if they do, why they would want to turn a blind eye.
    August 15, 2012 9:57 am on Foster out as South Central coach before first game
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