1. GO UNIONS. WITHOUT THEM THE AMERICAN DREAM IS DEAD. All of you who think the unions are breaking the system, YOU ARE WRONG Look at the American political system (all politicians) what kind of benefits do they have? How much are their premiums? What about their pensions? How do they get to retire making over one hundred thousand dollars a year? They say that Medicare and Social Security are all going broke. Does anyone out there know why? Because all our wonderful politicians saw a surplus of money and decided to spend it on things like Star Wars (under President Regan) None of them give a hoot about any of us unless it's election time, otherwise we can fish for ourselves. Look at congress and the grid lock there. Do they care that there are no jobs for us low life? I don't think so. I will always believe in unions because that is all we have left to fight for us to make an almost decent living and have somewhat afordable health care. Without them NO ONE, I DON'T CARE WHERE YOU WORK, would not be able to make a decent living unless you are a politician.
    September 08, 2012 1:58 pm on United Steelworkers, ArcelorMittal reach tentative labor agreement
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