1. Free Market, aka Matt!!! Where do I begin with you? Are you that unhappy in life that you have to be so nasty towards Mr. Fine?? I understand that he is running against your wife and all, but you show such anger and hatred towards him that I actually feel bad for you. Are you and your wife so afraid of losing to the better candidate that you feel the need to comment on EVERYTHING. Do you think no one realizes it is you commenting? You have managed to argue with most everyone on here that has said something good about Mr. Fine. I find it a bit pathetic with the path that you and your wife have taken. It really shows so much about both of you with the way that you have handled yourself. I can't wait until Mr. Fine beats your wife and that smirk is knocked right off of both of your faces. I wonder how well you will get along now that she won't be gone 4 months out of the year.... Wonder if things get tough at home if she will be so passionate and "WALK OUT."!!!! There is no need to respond because I won't be getting back on this to check. Plus once again we all KNOW this is you, Matt.. Plus the more you comment, the more pathetic you look. So, best of Luck to both of you!!! VOTE MR. BILL FINE..... "On to Victory!!!!!!!"
    November 05, 2012 3:14 pm on EDITORIAL: We pick Reardon in House District 12
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