1. I'm definitely part of the statistics here - I am one one of the people who stopped riding. For me, it's partly due to a schedule change at work making and the south shore line not really offering later trains (if I get stuck over just even a couple of minutes at work, I miss the 8:40 train out of the Randolph station, then have to wait 2.5 hours for the next train. I'm sorry, but I'm not sitting around with the creepy bums that late at night when I could drive home and actually have a nice evening in that time frame). In the last four years that I've been working downtown, I have seen the trains go from 8 cars down to 4. It's to the point that the only way I can get a seat is to make sure I go to the end of the line stop and get there as soon as they start letting people on the train in order to get a seat. I used to be able to get on at the Van Buren stop, only the second stop eastbound and 2/3 of a mile closer to where I work, and be able to get a seat. And the service has gotten crappy...When I first started riding four years ago, the conductors knew me by name and were friendly. Now, the few times I take the train, I get conductors like Surly Shirley who likes to bite my head off when I say hi
    January 31, 2013 2:58 pm on South Shore ridership falls in 2012
  2. I find your comment amusing, Penrose. As young person and as a woman, I happen to fall into two of the categories you claim Romney is out of touch with. Yet I find Romney to be much more in touch with my needs. As an academic advisor at a college, job growth is really important. If my students aren't finding jobs, I don't have a job. Yet under Obama, the US has seen some of its highest unemployment rates and a stagnant job market. As a young person, my wages are still relatively low and I have not been working long enough to build up a large stash of cash. So affordable health insurance is incredibly important to me. With the introduction of Obama Care, my insurance rates of doubled with my insurance company making me pay higher deductibles and larger copays. And, Obama is wanting to take away the tax breaks I get for paying for my own insurance and is wanting to tax me on it so that he can give some lazy jerk who is able to work but doesn't want to free health care. Retirement for me is also becoming much more of a dream rather than an eventual reality. Although I have always expected Social Security to not be enough to live of and have expected that I would have to rely on what I stash away, Social Security as a supplemental income is becoming less of a reality because it is underfunded, even more so since Obama pushed through a reduction of 2% points in the social security tax.
    November 21, 2012 2:25 pm on Thank God for four more years for Obama
  3. Hey Derrek - sorry to have offended you. Must be nice for you being so rich that you consider $10.40 pocket change.
    October 25, 2012 2:29 pm on Indiana State Police unveil new weapon to reduce crashes
  4. Hey, I'm one of those people who are referring to as "the working man" and want the cops to start harassing some of these morons out on the roads. I commute every day from Northwest Indiana to Chicago and am getting tired of having the length and cost of my commute increased because some brainless idiot commits one of the issues listed in the article, crashes and dies, causing the Borman, Bishop Ford, and Dan Ryan to shut down. I hope that it will save me money by people getting ticketed so that I don't get forced into spending $5.20 each way to use the toll road to work and in helping keep my taxes lower so that I don't have to pay for these buffoons to be cleaned up off the road.
    October 23, 2012 2:57 pm on Indiana State Police unveil new weapon to reduce crashes
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