1. If the shoe fits...

    This original letter represents the everyday people who deal with everyday issues. At some point in our lives WE may all fit into one or more of those categories that Wardell speaks of. During that time, WE may be part of the 47% that Romney has referred to time and time again. NO, both candidates have not had to deal with all of these issues in their lives, BUT who can best speak for those who have had these issues? Is it the candidate who wants to crucify the 47% of the population or someone who want to assist?

    On another note...

    You, Mark and the others can justify what a 'great guy' Romney is and I will not disagree. But what I disagree with is the disrespect, disgrace, and disregard for ones freedom of speech. No one is calling you ignorant and jealous (even if you are). Wardell's opinion is his and yours is yours. We will all see how this election fairs tomorrow. So keep your insults to yourself. Stop your babbling! We've heard all the rhetoric from both sides. Go out, vote, and pray the electoral college adds up to 270 for your candidate.

    If not, oh well :( Find someone else to crucify other than a opinionated citizen.

    Don't get it twisted!! I'm not angry and I am determined to go out and provide rides to the poles for everyone who needs one to show you the power of voting.

    Good day!!

    November 05, 2012 11:13 am on Has Romney experienced any troubles like we have?
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