1. This is for the people who think they know everything.. I live in Winfield, what do you think the residents have been trying to do for years?? That's right, get a police department. We already have a fire department. Why are you people so concerned with our taxes? I'm guessing you have nothing else to complain about at the moment, so you want to complain about a town you don't even live in.. Let's NOT focus on the horrid crime that was just committed... Lets just focus on the political bs..And FYI... Our tax money goes to Crown Point, so hopefully you can sleep better at night now! With that being said..We live in Lake County, we pay Crown Point taxes, so until the town of Winfield gets a police department.. I think it's our right to use County or, Crown Point police when we need to..
    December 21, 2012 11:41 pm on 2 being questioned in robbery at Winfield's First Midwest Bank
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