1. If you truly want lower taxes as your username implies, you should be for this. Poorly designed street lights waste light that goes up into the air, lighting up.... absolutely nothing, and is a waste of your tax dollars. Better lighting practices uses less light (and therefore energy = taxes) because it puts the light where it is needed - on the ground. Why is that not worth worrying about? Are you really not that concerned about wasting taxpayer money?
    September 25, 2012 2:09 pm on St. John hopes to shed light on new ordinance
  2. What is important to recognize is that light - just like loud music blaring - is an issue that is appropriately regulated by local officials. Not only that, better lighting SAVES TAXPAYERS MONEY. I would think fiscally conservative folks in particular would appreciate such a thing. In addition, light at night has been correlated to a number of health issues - depression, cancer, insomnia, and others. It is fine to have some light on your own property if you absolutely think it is necessary. But bear in mind that lower light levels have been proven over and over again to discourage crime (not only are criminals scared of the dark, they can't see as easily what/who to rob if they can't see it, and flashlights give them away), and FBI stats show that 60% of crime occurs DURING THE DAY. Want to sleep better? Reduce risk of cancer? Be less depressed? Reduce your exposure to light at night. Humans were designed to need darkness at night.

    Turn off (or at least aim/shield down and reduce the wattage) your lights, save some money (your own and your taxes), stay safe - oh, and see a few more stars at night too. You just might appreciate the natural resource right over your head every night - the dark, star-filled night sky.
    September 25, 2012 2:06 pm on St. John hopes to shed light on new ordinance
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