1. Mr. Masterson seems to have that smug know it all look about him. The only part of his column that I agree with is that Americans need to get serious about helping Americans. The billions of dollars that are off the backs of American tax payers, have shown little or no affect on the economies of the middle east. A foreign policy that attempts to change cultures and traditions with money that are thousands of years old is a fools errand. I get tired of pompous old white men pounding on their chest with false bravado urging Americans to send our children to fight in far off lands that most Americans may have never have heard of, our even care about. Let Mr. Masterson strap a pack in his back and sleep in the mud. ducking bullets, otherwise he has no credibility. I spent twenty-two years humping the backwaters of this world, clicking my heels and saying "Yes Sir" without question. I see no real change in those countries. By the way, the NWI Times should be ashamed for not having fact checkers for their articles; Mohamed Morsi is THE PRESIDENT OF EGYPT NOT LYBIA. "CP Watcher" I'll be glad to stand with you, but defending our shores.
    September 18, 2012 4:52 pm on BILL MASTERSON JR.: President needs to show America’s resolve
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