1. Going to comment to those without knowledge here Animal advocate1717 and Eliza NEITHER ONE OF YOU HAVE A BRAIN IN YOU TINY LITTLE HEADS. YOU HAVE YOUR COLLECTIVE HEADS UP YOUR COLLECTIVE A**ES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One Kandi LOVED each dog , not one was in a crate, they slept with her, she talks of them as her CHILDREN she signs to them and that is EXACTLY what they are to her , HER KIDS!!! Get information before you slam someone who is DEVASTATED, not about her house ( that was her Mom's) not about her business , but about her BABIES and that is the way she talks about them, each one. Her heart dog , they loved to play with her and their balls. So my suggestion to you is to look in the mirror , see what you have done for people. Because you do not get people coming to help as far away as Jacksonville, FL , Dog Rescues , Darla Duffy is a Sheltie Rescue from Jacksonville FL and she drove 21 hours to get there to help! Why? Because she knows that Kandi loves her dogs, her furkids. She rescues animals and helps friends who need her as well. So if I were you I would pray that God looks at you like he does Kandi because she will someday be up in Heaven with her babies. Those of you that sit and judge others when you don't know the whole story need to just get off your high horse and become a HUMAN BEING instead of Judge and Jury when you know nothing about this or her life!
    February 07, 2013 4:54 pm on Last 2 dogs missing after Cal Twp. fire found dead
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