1. I'm sad that the dogs were mistreated and it is horrible. However, what's even more horrible are the silly comments. Dogfighting is conducted all over by different ages, ethnic, and racial groups. The only difference is that crime is covered up in certain communities. Where did these supposedly thugs get the idea from? Dogfighting is not an urban problem it is a societal problem evidenced by the ignorant comments. Hopefully, the right group can rehabilitate these animals. No racial or ethnic group is superior over another. The problem is economics. You can continue to move, however, these cities and towns have found a financial edge that you and your kind can't provide.
    December 07, 2012 4:20 am on Cops: 8 in custody after officers bust Dolton dogfighting ring
  2. This young girl's behavior signals that something traumatic happened to her. Somehow she was violated. Child molesters are very clever and they are usually close to the child's family. They choose children based on a lot of different reasons. Don't judge her on her character, this child was abused and probably by more than the 2 men accused. Help her don't talk about her. It's not her fault. The parents are responsible for keeping her in a safe environment and somehow that didn't happen.
    August 02, 2012 1:29 pm on Girl breaks down in court after seeing accused molester
  3. It's sad that the little boys weren't being supervised properly and thank God for the people who helped them. What's even sadder is how some of the commenters blamed everyone but the mom. Neglect is not restricted to the urban cities, it's not the prosecutor's nor DCF's fault. Parents must take responsibility and if they need assistance, someone has to help the parents because the children are suffering .
    August 01, 2012 3:57 pm on Charges sought against Crown Point mother after unsupervised toddlers crossed busy road
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