1. First of all, I'm glad there are some Steel Workers on here. Maybe the uneducated people will see the light now, unlike the other day's posts. For those of you who only thought bad of the employees; posts suggested lazy workers sleeping on the job, workers wanting everything with a new contract, etc... This contract deadline and the results that come of the Company/Union agreements through a new contract; not only affect Mittal workers, but also USS workers and the entire NW Indiana. Without these steel mills running, it can put NW IN into a state of poverty. Think about it. How many things manufactured are made with our iron and steel. Without the products made here in NW IN, how many companies are going to go out of business? How many families are going to starve? How many are going to lose their homes?

    The Unions and Workers are NOT asking too much! They would be happy with things staying the same. They're not asking for huge raises (though a cost of living raise would be nice to have) or anything they don't deserve. Strike was not wanted by most workers, but they said they would IF things were taken away. Critical things like:
    #1. The company wanted to do away with Retirees benefits. These men were PROMISED a retirement. They earned this!!! With some of them gone, do you think they wanted their widows to starve to death? They worked hard so they would be taken care of.
    #2. Company wants to take health care from Retirees. Once again, they were PROMISED this. Some of these people have meds they could never afford without them. This would be a death sentence for some.
    #3. Company said: Anyone who has been employed for 6 years or under, should have their benefits taken away. These people worked hard to have these benefits. Many risk their lives every day at these mills, they need hospitalization, eye care, etc.
    #4. Do You Want Me To Keep Going???

    I don't work at Arcelor, but my Father and Grandfather did. My Husband travels almost 2 hours to Mittal, goes to a 30 minute safety meeting, works a 12 hour shift, then drives home almost 2 hours. He is a Loco Engineer and works his A.. off. He very rarely gets a lunch break, often coming home with his lunch box still packed, sometimes so busy he can't even find time for a bathroom break. He transports Hot Metal, and YES he has come home with burns on him and his clothes. He risks his life EVERY day he works. I pray every day that he comes home to his family safe and not burned alive. Growing up, I watched my Dad go to work, missing almost every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and our school concerts, etc. He had a few accidents there, almost dying twice. I prayed every day for him so he would come home safe to us.

    We are not rich by any means, and like most,we live paycheck to paycheck. I could never do the job that my Dad did for his family, or what my Husband does for his. These men and women put their lives on the line to feed their families. Some work harder than others, some work very little, and yes there are different pay grades. But, would you want your husband, wife, brother,sister, father or mother to do these kind of dirty dangerous jobs for minimum wage? Would you want them in harms way for minimum wages, not being able to afford health care? These people only want whats right.
    September 04, 2012 5:38 am on Steelworkers continue contract negotiations
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