1. I am not wasting me time proofing this stupid papers article. Only people that write nice are leftys - leftys sing, dance, act but never are good at math or science unless your paid too fake it like the global warming liars.

    what about nasa scientist that say the earth is cooling? the polar bear population is exploding. The ice is melting from coal dust from china.

    same with guns, the problem is Hippa
    March 03, 2013 1:00 pm on Criticism feeds fairgrounds gun show popularity
  2. Tom Dart your problem is you people dumped all the project people into the south side - fix your own problems. Illoinois wasted all its money paying triple pensions too all kinds of personal and has no money too police. All those cameras and no follow up. Stay out of indiana before we buy your state in bankruptcy court and kick you all out!

    Lets blame indiana for lack of action! Guns can bought in any state on line and transfered per gun broker leagally. Staw purchase is your main issue - install gun dectors at the border -

    Schriff yes man," Big John Buchy" has too go next election - John - read the law - inforce the law - stay out of politics your not a repersentative. I met this east chicago buffone first time he was elected - people please meet these idiots before you vote for them!

    i do not use spell check or proof my grammer - if wanted sound smart i would idiot!

    He reminded me of lap dog, shile sucking up too EC business man.
    March 03, 2013 12:53 pm on Criticism feeds fairgrounds gun show popularity
  3. 1) I was 5 people behind the "blackman" who brought the loaded gun that went off! All white?

    2) I was acarring a priviate sale gun, a scary semi automatic milatary looking gun! omg! The law is sale must be too another in your state, a copy of the driver licence must be held for 7 years I had 2 phones for photos of drivers licience and paper too write down the info.

    3) at a garage sale the sellers do not call into the feds with their cell phones as i saw many doing the forms and talking too the feds for approval or denial.

    HIPPA laws are the problem you #$%# #$%^& at the times!

    This is why I canceled both papers, yes, i had both the post and times and have canceled since all they do is puppet the obama line.

    Times report is one ignorance and stupidity. By the way email me if you FA-91 legit transfter only!
    March 03, 2013 12:29 pm on Criticism feeds fairgrounds gun show popularity
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