1. The price for signals is ridiculous. I never said they weren't. Also this article is from almost 2 decades ago, Finding a more recent one would help your argument.
    December 07, 2012 2:04 am on Dyer man taken to trauma center after train-vehicle crash
  2. Here is some basic information on the CSX Monon subdisivion.
    Average train speed:
    40F/60P (freight/passenger). A few years ago Amtrak did 79, but they no longer do. Speed drops for certain curves and populated areas.

    Traffic level: 4-8 trains per day. 2 daily Amtraks, 2 daily through freights, a local to deliver lumber to St John and to GE in Munster a few times a week, plus occasional seasonal movement of grain and agricultural materials.

    Safety: There have been several accidents on the Monon this year. Most of the track runs through areas at an angle due to its Chicago-Indy routing. Also there are a lot of poorly protected crossings. They upgraded several dozen crossings in the last decade, but there are still many to be done. Unfortunately this line usually gets put on the backburner for federal dollars due to its low traffic. There are faster and more heavily used tracks that take priority when it comes to these sorts of things. It takes 200k+ a pop to upgrade a crossing. The railroad generally does not pay for the crossings, though they agree to maintain them afterwords. Money is provided by the government. Some locales have gone the extra mile to work with the railroads on safety issues. Griffith would be a good example. All crossings are well protected AND they have pressured Canadian National into making the area a quiet zone (no horns).
    December 07, 2012 1:12 am on Dyer man taken to trauma center after train-vehicle crash
  3. This indecent occurred a mile away from any exit/entrance point.

    Actually most of the ramps in this part of the state are not that bad. if you want to see some bad ramps take I94 into Chicago! The worst one at Lowell is being fixed as we speak. Crown point got a second ramp. 65 is getting over traveled now. It needs to be three lanes each direction in more areas than just north of Crown Point.
    August 04, 2012 3:29 am on 1 airlifted, 3 taken to hospital after rollover on Interstate 65
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