1. Morons. Let's begin with that word. I was mortified seeing it in a headline, no matter if it's an opinion piece or not. You've just insulted half your readers.

    Dr. King. Please do not attempt to preach what you "think" he would say/do/feel; your use of insulting words in this piece clearly show you do not fully understand his efforts for peace and equality.

    Embarassment. That is what I feel for this writer and the Editors at NWI Times. Allowing this piece to be published will only fan the flames to the Trayvon situation; have you spent time talking to those involved? It is obvious the answer is "no".

    Purdue. I pray this teen isn't a journalism/communications' major.

    What's sad is I don't necessarily blame the writer here; there are Editors who should have addressed this bias before it ever went to print. There is very little "meat" here, but definitely lots of "controversy." Sells papers, I know; but what a shame when journalistic integrity goes out the window in exchange for a few extra sales.

    Give him my e-mail. If he wants to be a writer, I'll give him the training/mentoring he desperately needs. Purdue trained us properly back in the 90's.
    May 07, 2012 11:56 am on YOUNG VOICES: Morons can remind us how to not act
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