1. I am sorry dogheart that u feel the need to use profanity and insults in order to communicate. I did not say anything negative about Kandi as I do not know her well. I merely stated that there were many discrepencies made on the Facebook site during the search for the dogs. Many searched in the frigid temps and all of us worried and lost sleep. Why do we not deserve answers? Answers that make sense! My friend "dared" to ask questions on the fb site and was promptly blocked and her question was deleted. I also viewed the comment made by one of Kandi's friends who said "sad! all of your hard work is gone". that comment said it all to me1 Especially because Ms. sickles did not refute that statement!
    February 08, 2013 10:59 am on Last 2 dogs missing after Cal Twp. fire found dead
  2. I, too, hope that this is properly investigated. Why were some of the dogs being kept elsewhere? I just don't understand how people are not questioning all the discrepancies!
    February 07, 2013 1:54 pm on Last 2 dogs missing after Cal Twp. fire found dead
  3. Animal advocate, I couldn't agree more! Breeders don't keep their dogs as pets but as a business. One of Ms. sickles friends made a comment under Woody's picture about "losing everything after all the time u put into it". That is just not how I view my dogs!
    February 07, 2013 10:41 am on Last 2 dogs missing after Cal Twp. fire found dead
  4. I'm sorry, but none of this adds up! Those who were searching were told of several sightings of the dogs. Then later, we were told that "spirits" of the already dead dogs were seen! I suppose the pawprints were made by the spirits! I don't mean to be callous or unkind, but something here is not making sense! We were told at 4pm that Woody was found and "no idea how or when he got there". first, that is not "almost dark" as this article mentions. Then 3 hours later we were told Paige was found! 3 hours to find her in that tiny house? Makes no sense. That is when they determined that the dogs perished in the fire. Without an autopsy, this cannot be accurately determined. Now, none of those involved, including Ms. Sickles will speak to reporters or anyone else for that matter.
    February 07, 2013 9:39 am on Last 2 dogs missing after Cal Twp. fire found dead
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