1. And if the shoe were on the other foot and your friend was the one who was jumped? Would you really feel that way? Have fun with him in prison? I hope you get sent to prison and "have fun" with the other guys there.
    August 29, 2012 3:57 pm on Nemcek guilty of reckless homicide in C.P. slaying
  2. First of all, making it mandatory for EVERYONE to serve in the military is counterproductive. This is supposed to be a free country. If everyone had to serve in the military that would communist. I respect those that selflessly volunteer for the military to protect my freedom, but it is not a place that everyone can fit into like a jigsaw puzzle. And for you to say it'd be better with fewer Jeff Nemceks around, how dare you! You didn't even know this man as a person and all you can do is condemn him for the mistakes he has made in his life.

    What if we highlighted all of your friends, family, or even your mistakes for the public eye to bear witness to. I wouldn't even say to my worst enemy life would be better off without him or people like him. Unless you truly know someone inside and out to make such a judgment call is preposterous.
    August 29, 2012 2:20 pm on Nemcek guilty of reckless homicide in C.P. slaying
  3. Since when does having a job define anyone? Trust me about three quarters of my clientele are on foodstamps. I was under the impression that most of those around us couldn't find jobs and were struggling to get by in this economy.

    The decent unarmed man probably came behind Jeff to break up the fight and Jeff saw someone coming up behind him thinking "Oh no, a FIFTH guy is coming up to beat me up." Or perhaps he wasn't thinking in that split second, only that he needed to protect his life.

    He didn't mean to kill anyone. Even in the coroner report it was stated he was stabbed once but it is believed that Huseman moved while the blade was inside him, causing eleven wound tracks of damage for that one stab. It was in the Post Tribune.
    August 29, 2012 1:04 pm on Nemcek guilty of reckless homicide in C.P. slaying
  4. I'm sorry, if 5 guys, we'll say 4 because I don't believe Huseman did anything, started beating the life out of you, pushing you against a wall, and threatening your life, you would respond in the same manner. Anyone would. If you feel you are about to lose your life you don't think rationally and try to do anything you can to protect yourself.

    "The simple truth is jeff said something stupid to the group. the group started to beat the snot out of him for being an idiot. "

    And by the way, so you think that if 4 guys and one guy get into an argument it's okay for the 4 guys to gang up on one guy and almost kill him? Nice. Real classy.
    August 29, 2012 12:40 pm on Nemcek guilty of reckless homicide in C.P. slaying
  5. Excuse me, did you know Nemcek? If you did, you would know he's not the type of person to go looking for trouble. Speaking for him, friends, and family who I know that have been jumped and barely escaped with their lives, I must beg to differ. Justice was served here, and he did not intend to murder anyone. It's very unfortunate that Huseman lost his life because his friends and Nemcek began a verbal altercation that led to something horrendous.
    August 29, 2012 12:15 pm on Nemcek guilty of reckless homicide in C.P. slaying
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