1. To Itsacrazyworld Technically the haunted house is not a business, it does not gain a profit. This is a private haunted house which on the side tries to raise money for a charitable cause. You would do better to understand what you are speaking about before you open your mouth, even if it is behind the glow of a computer screen. The problem here is that the strict regulations made by the state and town are very difficult to follow unless you have a very large operating budget, but that would then defeat the point of the charity, since a large portion of the money would have to go back into the extra regulations which do not in fact make the structure safer. For a large for profit organization like reapers realm these rules do not really matter too much, but to small charity organizations like these haunted houses the extra red tape can cause quite a hassle. The haunted houses should be allowed to continue operation, there is little if no benefit to the town to shut them down. I have seen these structures, they are very safe, these extra regulations that the town & state place on them are just banal stipulations which may add a little bit of safety to the haunted house but really do not represent extreme life-saving measures. All this is, is another attempt by the government to make things harder on smaller organizations, (make sure to see I did not use the term business, as businesses have to be out for profit) and allow larger businesses to gobble up all of the excess cash. All highland is doing is just taking a tradition and slapping fines and citations so that they can make some extra cash. I wish I could say that the town has the people's best interests at heart, but after seeing this decision I can see that is not a reality.
    October 27, 2012 12:57 am on Highland puts brakes on haunted house
  2. I do agree with you that this is a case of cyberbullying. My problem stems though from the fact that this article and in fact almost everyone on here places focus on the punishment, rather than what caused these girls to think these thoughts in the first place. Not once in this article are any of the girl's home lives examined, nor are there any explanations given to why they would think this was appropriate. It is the parents responsibility to teach them how to use social media correctly, that is a true fact, and is not being disputed. The question still remains though what caused these girls to even think these thoughts. Hate is learned it is not natural, just like racism and being prejudiced. These are learned behaviors, which means they can be unlearned, but the problem must be killed at the root whatever it may be. This is a tri-fold problem in fact, we must blame all parties who are raising these children. The parents, the schools, and the media all play a key role in the development of a child.
    April 30, 2012 11:34 pm on ACLU: 3 Griffith girls expelled over Facebook jokes
  3. What we should be more concerned about is where these girls learned some of those words, and the techniques which accompanied them. I can believe that this was a joke by the girls, but what is very concerning is that they would think that was a joke. There needs to be major investigations on these girls home lives, as well as what they are learning in school, whether it be from friends or from teachers.The kind of threats these girls were saying do not come from nowhere.
    April 30, 2012 2:08 pm on Girl's parents say Facebook comments scared daughter
  4. As a whole our society gets very sensitive over topics like this. Killing another human being is illegal, and threatening another human being is illegal. Now the issue here is not whether the girls threatened the other children in question directly, but rather if given the opportunity would they actually perform the murder. We can all understand that children do say the darndest things, and all of us have said some rather off-color remarks throughout our life. That is just a part of life, no one is perfect. These girls obviously have a lot of angst built up, so instead of blaming the children, why do we not see what caused all of the angst build up? It is not like this is an isolated incident, everyone has said at one point in there life something around the lines of "he makes me so mad, I could kill him", or "This is so boring (etc.) I could kill myself". While these statements could be true, the majority of the time we are just exaggerating. Rather than worrying whether these girls would kill the other children, lets find out why they would even want to hurt them. We concentrate so much on the punishment, but we never really look at the cause. So I propose that instead of our society becoming more sensitive and scared of social networking, we should use it as a tool to establish a reason for some of this angst all of us hold.
    April 30, 2012 10:30 am on ACLU: 3 Griffith girls expelled over Facebook jokes
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