1. As a MHS parent who knows first hand the true details of this matter- I can say this about our superintendent, he is trying to glorify the administration and went on FOX News this evening and misinformed the public about many details in the matter. These boys did not spread or show these photos on school grounds during school hours. They also did not willingly admit to anything. They were interrogated and forced to hand over their phones or face expulsion for not cooperating. They were denied the opportunity to speak to their parents even though they asked. They were threatened that the police will be taking their phones apart and will find out if they are lying. They were forced to give up names by use of scare tactics. Many of the boys truly did not know having a nude photo on their phone was against any laws.
    These boys and girls made a mistake but it was due to lack of education of their actions. Most of the parents of the kids have never even heard of sexting and certainly didn't know it was something illegal. I'm sure these boys and girls used poor judgement, but they should be disciplined and be able to move on. Now these boys (only) are facing possible charges. It's truly a sad thing for them and their futures. These kids are not criminals... Munster school officials failed to handle this situation in a proper manner. Many parents feel it was handled in a Nazi-like manner. The superintendent should be receiving many phone calls from angry parents about his inaccurate statements on television this evening.
    February 11, 2013 11:19 pm on Munster High students to be suspended for sexting
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