1. I would like to ask you the same: WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR POINT? As my father would say "What's that have to do with the price of tea in China?"
    July 11, 2012 10:05 am on It’s not what schools teach, it's what’s not being taught
  2. You said you were from the sixties? Then what do you know about communism and the Red Menace!?

    To quote a very very wise man, You were probably "partying, putting headbands on, doing drugs, and listening to the godd*mn Beatle albums! OH! OHHHHHHH!"
    July 10, 2012 4:44 pm on It’s not what schools teach, it's what’s not being taught
  3. I absolutely agree with comptech, that is why Indiana currently rates #48 in the educational standards for our country! In case that is too simple for you to understand, we are #48 out of 50! Are you proud yet? Still think we should all strive for that level of excellence!? We definately need more students who are mindless. Lets talk about your "Indiana Standards" under which recently a Social Studies teacher in Scott Middle School was teaching students that the United States of America put Japanese Americans in Concentr*tion Camps in WWII, just like the N*zis did to the Jews. If you didn't catch whats wrong with that lesson, we put the Japanese into INTERNMENT, NOT Concentration, Camps and we also fed them well. Only one student was smart enough to question this statement, and then was told to stand in the corner and face the wall. Some of my relatives lost their lives protecting your loved ones so that you could spew nonsense. So perhaps comptech to quote a great mind, "Please educate yourself before you complain".
    July 10, 2012 4:24 pm on It’s not what schools teach, it's what’s not being taught
  4. Oh, hey lets talk about smart comments to teachers.
    IN my senior year at Morton my last hour was with Ms. Lungren. English 3-4 which in that day was a whole lot of reading. This teacher had always said she thought she was a seagul in a past life. At the end of the year the pricipal was telling all those with perfect attendance should pick up the free sox tickets they had earned. Well, my friend Jim said that he thought that was wrong. Ms. Lungren quickly said how those good students should be an example to us. Jim said , look these students come to school sick then they get me sick and I then miss work so I LOOSE MONEY TO HELP MY MOM BUY FOOD FOR US! (his dad left his mom) Ms. Lungren stated THAT DOESNT MATTER. So Jim replied WHAT THE F$#@,what the HE## do you know you think you were a bird in a past life. This is a good example of the teacher CLEARLY being wrong so Im glad Jim told her that. JUST BECAUSE YOU GO ON TO HIGHER EDUCATION DOESNT MEAN YOU KNOW EVERYTHING - Ms.Lungen had it coming > If I ever see Jim again Ill shake his hand and tell him how proud I was of him that day. It might not be true today and yes some decipline is good>but kids can pick up on snoody too good for you teachers and Id say most of those teachers were the ones we dumped in the 55 gallon trash cans on lunch hour or hand cuffed to sinks in the girls bathroom.
    July 10, 2012 3:24 pm on It’s not what schools teach, it's what’s not being taught
  5. Well, lets see
    Im a business owner in Hessville and I would rather hire a person who can think out of the box instead of waiting for me to go hold the employees hand so. UNLESS YOUR A BUSINESS OWNER THAT HAS BEEN IN BUSINESS SINCE AROUND 1937 LIKE ME THEN YOU REALLY HAVE NO LEGS TO STAND ON .
    July 10, 2012 2:53 pm on It’s not what schools teach, it's what’s not being taught
  6. Lets see... Your high school was very authoritarian, allowed you no rights, and encouraged group think over individual achievement and now you support such things. I think the point Mr Anderson made, which was schools have alot of sway over the opinions forming in the minds of our youth, was demonstrated very nicely in you. Thanks.
    July 10, 2012 2:45 pm on It’s not what schools teach, it's what’s not being taught
  7. Hey Li"lmisspatriotic,
    I like your thinking> My son wrote about this in the Young Voices saying the very same thing. These people will NOT understand untill its too late. I pulled all 3 of my kids out of Hammond schools because the schools inforce this way of thinking. DONT QUESTION AUTHORITY WE KNOW BEST. Your correct its WE THE PEOPLE and the founding fathers warned us about this. You can call yourself a DEM or REP it doesnt matter WE THE PEOPLE need to keep the government in check. Is it just me or does it seem that the government just does what it pleases and says "YEA WE DID SOMETHING WRONG WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?" Isnt Jefferson the who said the government should fear the people, not the other way around. As a business owner (NO ITS NOT A BAR) if my customer comes in and lites up Im not saying a word. I pay taxes so I did my part . Mitch Daniels or Charlie Brown DONT own this place I DO so , go ahead call the smoking police. Oh and by the way did all you non smokers know that when it rains in Indiana its a law that you MUST have your headlights operateing on you car. i DONT think Ive seen one cop pull someone over for that . The smoking ban law is just one more "MAKE ME FEEL GOOD "law THAT CANT BE INFORCED. The government cant police morals they never could and never will.
    July 05, 2012 2:43 pm on Ban snuffing smoking in most public places starts today
  8. You keep spouting the same thing. If only we gave the government even more power over education... If only we changed the rules...

    Schools rule over kids. AND I DO MEAN RULE! They pat them down-no warrent. They force them to sign confessions. They watch them EVERY MINUTE with cameras. Oh but Im sure govt wanting to control people has NOTHING to do with that does it?

    Every year schools teach less history. You want to make civics mandatory? Great idea except that doesn't solve anything if the stuff they read is just more Big Brother lies.

    Every year the Govt gets bigger. Education has nothing to do with this? BS. Students are fed the lie "you have a right to an education paid for by other people" their whole time in public schools. When they get out of school they have it already engrained in their heads rights are not somthing from God (which they are told doesnt exist in the first place) they are things paid for by other people for your benifit. But in no way does that move us toward socialism?

    Wake up! You're living in a land of unicorns and rainbows. The govt wants control. It is getting more power. Laugh about the "Big Brother Boogeyman" all you want:
    You wont be laughing when you relize Mr Anderson was right and it is too late to do anything.
    June 28, 2012 8:33 pm on Reason students do poorly in school is most likely cultural
  9. Okay, listen, when you have a girl that was working the voting poll in MORTON and was most likely from MORTON that DIDNT know the reason why two Democrats were on the same ballot that is the dumbing down that Ray Jr was refferring to. Just push the button dont think. When you have admistrators at MORTON who suspend students for any infraction thats teaching DONT QUESTION OUR AUTHORITY thats the government teaching the next gerneration . Lets talk about schools being built in Hammond , so many that most businesses cant afford the property tax so they go out of business THATS GOVERNMENT. Just a few years ago when I was fighting the new schools I spoke wtih Trustee Hornack about it. He told me and Im quoting here" THOSE SCHOOLS BEING BUILT WERE PUT INTO MOTION LONG BEFORE I GOT HERE I CANT STOP THEM , NO ONE CAN. So dont tell me the government isnt involved. PAY OFFS AND SWEET HEART DEALS ARE WHAT RULE. My family has been in Hessville before Hessville was even considered part of Hammond . I own a local business and although I dont pay-off I know of those who do to do constrution jobs for the schools and book manufactures who give deals to school board members to use their books. GET A CLUE THATS HOW THE REAL WORLD WORKS . So Mr. Pennman is wet behind the ears and it would seem you are too! I invite you to meet with me some time (I'll buy you a cup of coffee) I can show you things about the school and how the government wants these kids to not think out of the box . I think Ray Jr is dead on so I would say this kid could teach Mr. Pennamen a thing or two because hes smart enough not belive everything at face value. If your a teacher, you of all people should know ITS NOT WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WANTS YOU TO TEACH THE KIDS ITS WHAT THEY DONT WANT YOU TO TEACH THEM . THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT. I hope Ray Jr. questions everything in his life . If he does Im sure he will out perform any of the CRUD that MORTON is putting out these days.
    June 27, 2012 11:26 am on Reason students do poorly in school is most likely cultural
  10. Doesnt that go back to what Mr Anderson said in the first place?

    "If people don’t have to rely on themselves anymore then why would they even need basic intelligence? The motto of my age is quickly becoming “Don’t think; the government will think for you.”
    June 26, 2012 2:50 pm on Reason students do poorly in school is most likely cultural
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