1. Dear 411Lie,
    You are the one posting untrue junk.
    I am the one with the correct information... I work at the haunted house and I have for the past 6 years and this is my 7th year with the town and the Haunted House. If you want to know that what I have posted is the truth go to the town managers office ( Stephen Kil) and ask about the fire inspector going through the haunted house and the Permit being posted on the premises of the haunted house. Actually stop by on Friday or Saturday or even Sunday when we open back up and see it for yourself. "Oh that's right you haven't been there" So how can you say these things and say that they are true when you haven't even gone to check it out for yourself??? Hmmmmmm? Go ahead stop by and see the PERMIT for yourself, but I know that isn't going to happen and even if you did you wouldn't tell any one it was you so why not just stop telling lies you know nothing about and move onto something else. Except this time get your FACTS first, or the correct facts at least.
    Have a wonderful Halloween and a Very Merry Christmas.
    October 08, 2012 9:47 pm on ‘Scare actors’ make the scene
  2. Dear 411, I am responding to inform you first and foremost the Fire Marshal has been to the Lake Hills Haunted House and the permit to operate is on he premises and second Dear 411 this is the 7th year of Lake Hills Haunted house being in operation.The first year was 2006 and every year the Haunted House has never opened without any permit needed to do so. The lake Hills Haunted House is a Town event open to the public and any one and everyone knows it could never open the doors without obtaining any and all permits to do so.
    Safety is the first concern at the Haunted House for the volunteers that spend their time there and for the patrons coming through to enjoy them selves.
    So, Please in the future before you go putting out incorrect information go to the source and get the correct information. By the way the Haunted House is run very well Thank You. Have you gone through to check it out for yourself????
    October 07, 2012 2:37 pm on ‘Scare actors’ make the scene
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