1. Interestingly enough, CC423, your comments sparked my curiosity. So I did a little research and based on what I found on the Lake County docket, it appears that your comments are true. According to the docket, ole boy has committed numerous crimes of dishonesty and currently has a failure to appear warrant out for his arrest. He appears to be a repeat offender. I also did some research in IL and it appears that he was recently incarcerated there as well for the same types of crimes. Nicely enough, his criminal history will follow him into the court room in the civil arena because under the trial rules of this fine state the rules allow a jury of his peers to have a look at his moral character. Jurors don't like plaintiff's with these types of backgrounds.

    It also appears that he has been divorced twice in Lake County. As long the files aren't under the control of the 4D prosecutor I will be able to pull the jackets and confirm your child support comments. If its one thing people can't stand its a deadbeat dad who makes the rest of us look bad.

    The sad news is this case will most likely never be played out in a court room. It will be settled behind close doors, most likely via a telephone call between two attorneys making loads of money off of the case, with terms undisclosed to the public and no responsibility admitted by anyone other than the 4 men who have taken responsibility for their role in this case.

    Sorry to say citiizin, so far everything I've seen appears to be the truth. Court records don't lie. No slander here. And it appears from your comment that you are lacking skills in the legal arena and are unaware of how the family court rules work. A child support worksheet is filled out by both parties that determines the appropriate amount of support to be paid by each party. It is the Respondent's (Chandler) responsibility to request a modification of support if he needs one, etc. If he fails to go into a courtroom and request same due to loss of job, etc..he is just SOL and is stuck paying what he was originally ordered to pay and most likely with compounded interest if there is an arrearage. Based on what you are saying, it is no one's fault but his own for not seeking a modification. As stated earlier, I will be at the court next week and intend to pull the court files to review them and we will see if he owes what it claimed.
    June 22, 2012 11:29 am on Illinois man sues Lake County Jail officials over alleged abuse, attack
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