1. While we are looking at the facts lets fall back and look at the comment just posted:

    1) Whatever anyone did in the past has no bearing on what happened here. Your entire article is about what happened in the past.
    2)If you were to check with him, I dont believe he was ever an Olga supporter. To the best of my knowledge he was a resident for over 30 years that I know of.
    3)Why is it that he didnt get much work when Olson and Olga were mayors?
    4)The article said that John Snyder asked Shields if he could attend the annual golf trip and if his brother could also attend. It never said that Shields set up the trip. It is my understanding that he does this trip annually.

    Now lets continue to look at the facts of the University Center since you brought it up:
    1) There were 4 legitimate proposals for the project.
    2) 3 of these were rejected for minor reason (not having a janitors closest on the second floor, 15 year roof warrant in lieu of 20 years, not specifying that the generator was diesel or natural gas) by one person (Craig Hendrix) for were not even allowed to be opened or reviewed by the redevolpement commision thus handing over a $6,000,000 .00 contract to the only bid opened.
    3) This act cost the Portage tax payer over $500,000.00
    4) If opening only one bid and rejecting the others isnt illegal or at least unethical with this amount of money at stake, how can three nights with friends be even compaired?
    5)The current administration was left with a building that is only 50% occupied with a price tag of over $6,000,000.00. Ouch!

    Why shouldn't a home town contractor be able to do small projects that dont require a bid by law in whatever city they may be in?
    November 01, 2012 3:11 pm on Mayor's stay at contractor's Florida home questioned
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