1. If parents themselves knew what morals and common decency was, their children wouldn't have such a self centered outlook on life. But most parents seem to think if they tell their children to always "say what you think no matter what", It will make them a good hearted person. Which is incorrect. Not saying you shouldn't say what you feel but when it affects others in a negative way you should think about how it may make another person feel. Mental abuse from bullying is just as bad as physical and there is more mental abuse than physical.
    On the opposite hand tho there's the obvious fact that it's a cold hearted world out there and you have to teach them to watch out for themselves because someone will take your kindness as weakness in a split second and you have to teach them not to trust people and look out for themselves.
    As for the school systems they are way too lenient. There are many times in schools were bullying goes unnoticed or taken too lightly. The situation may not seem too harsh sometimes, but that's from the outside point of view. Think from the point of view of the person being harassed, a lot of times on a daily basis. an everyday occurrence of bullying or feeling of an outcast leads to columbine shootings and suicides. And when these things happen every parent feels saddened. Yet when their child gets suspended from school for treating another child with disrespect or acts of harassment they are outraged with the school system for suspending their kids and say "they are just kids they are going to act up". Probably never (in my opinion) do they sit down with their child and explain to them what their actions may cause. There are consequences to every action but I don't believe 80% of people actually think before they do, and for lets say 10% that actually do think first before they do, their thinking is only about how it will affect themselves.
    It's a battle that probably will never be won. But the fight for peace should never stop, as much of an oxymoron is that is.
    I would like to believe that I am one of those few people that always puts others before themselves and I truly feel that one kind act brings on another. And I will always be this way no matter what hard times I go through.
    Maybe if everyone could put others before themselves for a few days they could see the difference it makes and that could change us all. But it's just too unrealistic and these types of things are something we just will have to live with. You can hope for change in a good way but history will always repeat itself and human nature just seems to be of war. And the fight will never end until we do.
    August 18, 2012 1:56 am on Schools continue to grapple with bullying
  2. no, this is northwest Indiana. where everyday we have shootings and armed robberies.
    May 27, 2012 8:41 am on Fiancee says Valpo gunman was a loving man, a former hero
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