1. There are 13 Democrat Senators and 37 Republicans. If Griffith can't get this thing to pass out of the committee and go to a vote and pass, then Indianapolis is just as corrupt as Lake Indiana. This thing has been going on for to long. The Calumet Trustee is just now trying to make cuts to try to get their budget below the threshold so Griffith would lose again. Enough is Enough. The township better start preparing to live within their means and preparing for their future. Griffith needs this to finally pass so we can move on with life and the Town of Griffith will be better off.
    March 07, 2013 7:41 am on Senate panel delays hearing on Griffith-Cal Twp. separation
    200 W. Washington, Suite 301
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    (317) 233-0696
    LS 7449 NOTE PREPARED: Feb 12, 2013
    BILL NUMBER: HB 1585 BILL AMENDED: Feb 11, 2013
    SUBJECT: Transfer of Certain Municipal Territory.
    FIRST AUTHOR: Rep. Slager BILL STATUS: As Passed House
    FIRST SPONSOR: Sen. Hershman
    Summary of Legislation: (Amended) This bill allows a municipality containing any territory that is: (1) located in a township with a township assistance property tax rate that is 15 times the statewide average township assistance property tax rate for the preceding four years; and (2) adjacent to another township; to have territory of the municipality transferred to an adjacent township if certain conditions are satisfied. The bill provides that if sufficient voters of the municipality submit a petition requesting a transfer of such territory, a referendum shall be held on the transfer. It specifies that if at least two-thirds of the voters of the municipality who vote in the referendum vote to approve the transfer, the legislative body of the municipality may, within the one-year period after the referendum, submit a petition to one or more adjacent townships requesting the adjacent township to accept the transfer of the territory of the municipality. This bill provides that if the legislative body of an adjacent township adopts a resolution accepting the transfer of the territory, that territory of the municipality is transferred to and becomes part of the township adopting the resolution. The bill provides that if no adjacent township adopts a resolution accepting the transfer of an eligible municipality's property: (1) the territory of the eligible municipality is not transferred; and (2) a subsequent referendum on the transfer of the eligible municipality's territory may not be held.
    Effective Date: July 1, 2013.
    Explanation of State Expenditures:
    Explanation of State Revenues:
    HB 1585+ 1
    Explanation of Local Expenditures:
    Explanation of Local Revenues: (Revised) Summary: An analysis was performed to estimate the impact if the Griffith territory were transferred from Calumet Township in 2015 to St. John Township. Under the bill, Griffith may petition any adjacent township to accept transfer, but for purposes of this analysis, it was assumed that all of Griffith would be a part of St. John Township. It was also assumed that $25,000 would be transferred from Calumet Township’s levy to St. John Township’s levy to pay for township assistance in Griffith. Based on estimated assessed values and levies for taxes payable in CY 2015, this bill could result in a higher township assistance (TA) tax rate for Calumet Township and a lower total tax rate for most taxpayers in Griffith. The earliest that a transfer could be made under this bill is for taxes payable in 2015. The transfer of territory from Calumet Township would reduce the township’s 2015 AV tax base by 16.6% from an estimated $3.41 B to $2.54 B. The AV reduction for Calumet Township would cause an increase in Calumet Township’s tax rates from an estimated $0.36 per $100 AV to $0.43 in 2015. There would be virtually no change in the St. John Township tax rate. The total district tax rate for taxpayers in the affected portion of Griffith would be reduced from an estimated rate of $3.73 to $3.38. Changes in the total tax rate for any taxpayer would impact net tax bills and revenue losses due to the circuit breaker caps for any taxing units that intersect with Calumet Township and Griffith. Total circuit breaker losses for civil taxing units and schools would increase by an estimated $976,000. Net tax bills would be reduced by an estimated $1,015,000. The resulting net revenues would increase for some taxing units and decrease for other units. Net TIF revenues (after changes in both gross taxes and circuit breaker losses) would decline by about $37,000. (Please see the table at the end of this document for the estimated impact on net revenues by taxing unit.) (Revised) Background: Calumet Township in Lake County is the only township that had a township assistance fund tax rate exceeding the statewide average rate by a multiple of 15 or more during each of the past four years. The state average tax rate in 2012 was $0.0150 per $100 of assessed value. The 2012 Calumet Township rate of $0.3153 was 20.5 times the average. The next closest was Wayne Township in Allen County with a tax rate of $0.1223, or 8 times the average in 2012. There are three municipalities that are at least partially located in Calumet Township. The city of Gary accounts for 76% of the township’s net AV. Griffith makes up 17.9% of the AV, and Lake Station accounts for 0.1% of the township’s AV. The remaining 6% of Calumet Township’s AV is attributable to unincorporated areas. A small portion of Griffith is already located in St. John Township. The above analysis estimates the impact if the remaining Griffith territory were transferred from Calumet Township to St. John Township. For purposes of the analysis, it was assumed that Calumet Township’s township assistance levy would be reduced by $25,000 and that St. John Township’s levy would be increased by $25,000.
    State Agencies Affected: Department of Local Government Finance. HB 1585+ 2
    Local Agencies Affected: Calumet Township in Lake County; Town of Griffith; Other civil taxing units and school corporations in Lake County.
    Information Sources: LSA Property Tax Database; Local Government Database.
    Fiscal Analyst: Bob Sigalow, 317-232-9859.
    Estimated Change in Net Revenue
    Net Revenue
    Taxing Unit 2015 2016
    Lake County $37,181 $36,777
    Calumet Township $-730,697 $-727,998
    St. John Township $23,593 $23,776
    Gary Civil City $-412,149 $-409,656
    Crown Point Civil City 1 1
    Lake Station Civil City $-770 $-773
    Griffith Civil Town $218,839 $217,037
    Dyer Civil Town 25 11
    St. John Civil Town 8 6
    Schererville Civil Town 4 3
    Lake Central School Corp 30 18
    Lake Ridge School Corp $-19,257 $-19,687
    Lake Station School Corp $-316 $-323
    Gary Community School Corp $-165,297 $-167,482
    Griffith Public School Corp $138,506 $139,193
    Gary Public Library $-40,252 $-39,981
    Lake County Public Library $16,914 $16,752
    Gary Airport $-10,074 $-10,033
    Gary Redevelopment $-1,558 $-1,546
    Gary Public Transportation $-22,504 $-22,380
    Lake Ridge Fire Protection $-3,308 $-3,287
    Town Of Dyer Sanitary Dist 3 1
    Lake County Solid Waste Mgt Dist $1,491 $1,471
    Gary Storm Water Management $-6,230 $-6,189
    Total All Units $-975,817 $-974,289
    TIF (By Taxing District)
    45003_Gary Corp Cal Twp Lake Ridge Sch 187 188
    45004_Gary Corp Cal Twp Gary Sch 164 1,452
    45006_Griffith Corp Calumet Twp $-37,891 $-37,760
    Total TIF $-37,540 $-36,120
    Grand Total $-1,013,357 $-1,010,409
    HB 1585+ 3
    February 13, 2013 1:50 pm on House backs referendum on Griffith leaving Calumet Township
  3. Mr. James, do you live in the City of Gary? Do you live in the Town of Griffith? You probably live in a 250,000 dollar house in Dyer and enjoy the benefit of not having to support a City or Township that is not fiscally responsible. The people of Griffith never have any local or state representation because of our population compared to Gary. So Mr. James do the math and figure out how much it would cost you if your house and properties were in Calumet township and you had to pay for services you knew that would never benefit your community. Where was the Township when the people of Griffith suffered from Flooding and the Tornado a few years back? Very few people got help from the Township when they needed it. They received help from the Town of Griffith coming together and working together. It PISSES me off that people try turn this into a RACE thing. It is time for people to wake up and take responsiblity for there own destiny and not wait for the GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS to come your way.
    February 10, 2013 9:59 am on RICH JAMES: Gary has right to complain this time
  4. Do you want to fill out a application?
    November 09, 2012 2:51 pm on Residents rally to support ousted Griffith police chief, executive officer
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